Recorded: September 23

About this Webinar:

Find out how an integrated influencer marketing strategy can drive social proof to help solve the most burning questions CMOs have in 2020 — around brand relevance, retention & acquisition, commerce, spending optimization, innovation and the evolving consumer experience.

Join Lyle Stevens, Founder & CEO, and Rachael Cihlar, VP Influencer Marketing Center of Excellence, to learn how social proof can help solve for:

  • How do you ensure what your brand “says” and “does” is appropriate for this moment in time?
  • How do you build a moat to protect customer loyalty while breaching the moat of competitors?
  • How do you make sure you are selling in all the new ways customers are buying?
  • How do you budget to prepare for either growth or retrenchment?
  • What is the new normal reshaping the experience your customers are expecting?
  • Where is innovation needed to quickly close the gaps and get you ready for what’s next?