The most effective way of doing digital marketing is by identifying and activating your brand’s influencers, which Mavrck can help you do. Influencer-generated content is over 50% more trusted than other media, which means by choosing an influencer to promote your brand, you increase your chance of reaching a bigger audience. But when activating this kind of marketing, who writes the content: You or your influencer?


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For choosing who’s writing the content, there are three main options:

6424464061_c48d92305e_oBranded content:

This brand-generated content leaves the influencer only one responsibility: to publish your massage. This gives the brand total control of what is being communicated to the audience as the influencer is left out of the creation process.

people-apple-iphone-writingCo-developed content:

This hybrid content is a collaboration between the brand and the influencer. This makes the message more original and individualized, but at the same time the brand will know that the content reflects their vision and mission.

Friends with Mobile PhonesInfluencer content:

This influencer-genereated content is where you hand over the reigns as you give the influencers control to customize all of the content. Though this option gives the brand less control, it’s the one with the most potential impact.

For choosing the right option for your brand, there are three areas to consider:



You need to know whom you want to reach with your content. Is it a conservative and modern market? Or is it a more open-minded and flexible segment? This can determine whether you or your influencer writes the content as different target audiences will prefer different styles. Chances are, brands will create much more professional and branded content. Influencers may be more subliminal or subtly branded.


You need to know what position your influencers have. Are they well-established in their field of interest? Have they proven their ability to create great content? If they are in a situation that makes them trustworthy, you more likely trust them to create a proper content. If you some how are unsure of the position of the influencer, you might want to be a part of the development of the content.


Last but not least, you should look at what kind of message you want the target audience to receive. In some situations, you want the influencers to really speak from their hearts with feelings and originality. Other times, you want your message consistent throughout posts. The message can be both genuine and focused on a topic, which means that the brand should be more involved in the content-generating process.

There is no clear and definite answer that makes one of the content types better than the others. As a brand manager or marketer, you should keep in mind the 3 consideration areas mentioned above before making your decision. Nonetheless, if you find yourself in a situation where it is difficult to choose, select the content type that is co-developed. This will balance the brand direction and the users creativity in the best way. With that said, you really should take time to review the situation before choosing. Great content can make a huge difference in how people view your brand.

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