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By the time consumers reach the point of purchase, 90% of them have been influenced by an online review. As the key inflection points that bookend the start and end of today’s modern customer decision journey, online ratings and reviews are critical to unlocking the purchase potential of your customers.

Where consumer choice is infinite and brands no longer control the message, social proof is the new currency of success. The content that consumers trust today is content that is created by consumers. So much so that consumers can even rate and rank other consumers’ ratings and reviews by helpfulness and other factors. As such, the quality and quantity of your product reviews have equal power to increase sales by orders of magnitude – or leave your brand collecting dust on the digital shelf.

And yet, as an integral factor to your consumers’ purchase experience, ratings & reviews have never been more difficult to source at scale. It’s not enough to passively curate content with an auto-response email post-purchase. As the demand for ratings & reviews content grows, you need a ratings and reviews strategy that can grow with it.

Which is why consumer brands like Tom’s of Maine and American Eagle discover and engage their own communities of micro-influencers to power their ratings and reviews initiatives. From discovery to point-of-purchase, here are the steps you can take to discover and activate your own micro-influencers to generate ratings and reviews. Download our playbook to get started.

steps to activation
  • Discover: Discover relevant & verified micro-influencers who impact followers/friends in your target market
  • Segment: Create audiences of micro-influencers based on purchase history, demo data, & social network.
  • Activate: Activate micro-influencers to leave a product rating & review
  • Reward: Manage and fulfill rewards in exchange for activation
  • Track & Analyze: Monitor performance of your micro-influencer program and optimize to maximize ROI
  • Retain & Scale: Continuously engage micro-influencers with your brand for recurring ratings & reviews activation and distribution

From trend-setting sneakers to toilet paper, our best practices have been tested and proven by leading consumer brands and the consumers who power them. Download today to learn how to put these steps into practice and navigate your consumers’ evolving behaviors by leveraging your brand’s own micro-influencers to increase review volume, quality, and scale with authenticity and credibility.