Old Spice’s ‘Hardest Working’ Collection amplified its messaging through real men with #legendary influence.

Though the age of the metrosexual may be over, today, guys still care about their appearance. Men are spending more on skincare products and toiletries than shaving products, increasing competition and opportunity for brands to tap into this growing need for male-specific grooming products. In fact, men’s grooming and personal care is among the fastest-growing categories in the beauty industry, estimated to generate $21.4 billion in revenue during 2016 globally.

With this increasing demand, Old Spice, the leading men’s anti-perspirant, deodorant and body wash brand, decided to go back to its performance roots with the launch of its latest “Hardest Working” Collection.

To amplify the launch of this new product line among its target demo (men, 18-40), Old Spice decided to activate micro-influencers as the driving force behind its promotion of the ‘Hardest Working’ Collection. Leveraging Mavrck’s influencer marketing platform, we set the following metrics for #legendary success: discovering and activating targeted audiences of Old Spice micro-influencers to create 2,000 branded posts, driving at least 13,000 engagements and 2 million impressions.

Old Spice’s micro-influencer army surpassed every one of these desired outcomes, generating 4.5M impressions and over 14k engagements (226% and 108% of their original goals, respectively). 

Old Spice Influencer Campaign Overview


Drive awareness and engagements for the Old Spice ‘Hardest Working’ Collection among men, 18-40 years old. 



Activate relevant micro-influencers to create 2,000 posts and amplify branded content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram promoting the ‘Hardest Working’ Collection and Man2Legend.com, generating 13,000 engagements and 2M impressions. 

Old Spice Influencer Campaign Results


Further Analysis

Old Spice’s influencer campaign was successful in driving awareness and engagements around the Old Spice ‘Hardest Working’ Collection. Micro-influencers’ posts and engagements drove compelling user-generated content featuring the brand-focused themes Old Spice is known for: boldness, strength and humor. 

Other elements contributing to the success of the campaign was a co-branded content strategy that gave the influencers freedom to be creative and share their own personal idea of a legend without losing key campaign messages. We also maintained a specific focus on activating micro-influencers with relevant interests, including personal grooming, sports and humor. These consumers not only had personal interest in the product, but their aligned interests and influence among their peers ensured they could deliver authentic content like-minded men could trust and act on. 

old spice user-generated content