The fashion industry continues to set the standard of excellence for digital customer experience. Led by a definitive era of digital adoption by consumers, today’s retailers are amidst a digital reconstruction. Not only are consumers increasingly comfortable with digital channels, but the majority of consumers are actively relying on digital information to mitigate risk and guide their purchasing decisions.

With e-commerce sales driving global fashion market growth in 2018, IGC & UGC are accelerating consumers path-to-purchase on mobile

Despite digital sales driving fashion market growth, consumers want more personalized communications. To succeed online, brands must focus on building relationship with consumers at every touchpoint and nurturing those relationships over time. As a result, many brands have adopted Influencer Marketing & Relations strategies as an always-on solution to delivering relevant, trusted, and personalized content.

This trend continues to be exemplified among digitally-native fashion brands (Fashion DNVBs), where a grounded online presence has allowed for more personalized and authentic relationships with consumers than legacy brick and mortar fashion brands. This report looks at share of influencer-generated content (IGC) across Fashion DNVBs and analyzes which brands had the greatest influencer SOV in the last year and what you can learn from the IGC leaders.

Here’s an insider look at some of the most noteworthy trends and influencer marketing stats we learned for the brands leading the share of influencer voice among Fashion DNVBs:

  • Boohoo, the category leader in volume and engagements, owns 51% share of voice and earns 2x more engagement per post when compared to the category average.
  • IGC leaders align with popular social movements (i.e. the body-positive movement) and effectively foster communities around their brands.
  • IGC leaders create a seamless customer experience by repurposing IGC on their websites, social channels, and emails.

Want to learn more key insights? Download the report below to learn which Fashion DNVBs had the greatest influencer SOV in the last year, as well as examples and best practices from Fashion DNVB category leaders.

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