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Celebrating Cultural Celebrations With Truly Me™

How does a brand made to represent children from all over the world celebrate their various cultures and values in an inclusive way? Through the lens of their iconic dolls, accessories, and stories that embody a spirit of adventure, imagination, and childhood, American Girl Doll stepped up to the plate to answer this question. American Girl’s 2021 Cultural Celebrations campaign aimed to take the uniqueness that makes the world special by celebrating a variety of religious and cultural holiday celebrations with its Truly Me™ Doll. 

To promote its Cultural Celebrations collection and drive traffic to its website, AG leveraged influencers to generate repurposable holiday content using the hashtags #AGCulturalCelebrations and #MyAmericanGirl. The end goal was to encourage purchasing decisions among consumers in a way that accurately represented their audience from diverse cultural backgrounds. By partnering with creators that had an organic and genuine connection to their featured holidays, AG wanted to create authentic content to engage with its customers.


How We Helped

Before AG and Mavrck began sourcing creators for the 2021 Cultural Celebrations holiday campaign, they needed to determine their target audience. AG wanted to reach mothers of young girls who celebrated Diwali (November 4, 2021), Hanukkah (November 28-December 6, 2021), Christmas (December 25, 2021), or Kwanzaa (December 26, 2021-January 1, 2022) with their families.

It was imperative to promote an authentic connection by partnering with creators whose families observed various religious and cultural celebrations. The Mavrck team spent substantial time searching for a wide range of creators during the sourcing process. While sourcing, AG and Mavrck asked about the creators’ families and their connection to the various holidays, including their traditions; this gave the teams a preview of how each creator would speak to each holiday and develop their content. They also worked with influencers to ensure that they were appropriately representing each culture. Because AG wanted to be sure that their creator partners had an aesthetic that matched its brand style and vision – in addition to possessing a strong following and engagement rate – this dialogue was especially vital to creator selection. 


The Results

At the end of the 2021 campaign, AG had partnered with 20 influencers to produce 123 pieces of content for the #AGCulturalCelebrations campaign on Instagram. These influencers helped AG achieve over 360,000 impressions, more than 27,000 engagements, and an engagement rate of 7.5%.


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