With 80% of marketers investing in influencer marketing in 2016, one of the top challenges marketers continue to report is how to discover relevant influencers for their brand. We’re excited to announce that brands can now use Fan Grader to determine the influence of individual Facebook fans. Fan Grader is a free tool that analyzes a brand’s Facebook page to discover and engage its top 100 micro-influencers.

Today’s consumers have never been more in control of their own digital adventure. Ad-blocking software adoption is at its peak, growing 48% in the past year alone, and social networks are giving consumers increasingly more control over who and what gets news feed priority. With this shift, social is at the forefront of consumers’ purchasing decisions. The average consumer remains the most influential on social, according to Nielsen’s 2015 Trust in Advertising Report: word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing, with 83% of consumers trusting and acting on recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of marketing.

“In today’s Age of the Consumer, the most valuable asset a brand has is its existing customer base,” said Lyle Stevens, Co-founder and CEO of Mavrck. “But not all customers are created equal. With Mavrck’s Fan Grader tool, brands can now understand the social capital of their fans for free.”

Fan Grader calculates a fan’s influence based on their ability to drive friends to engage with a brand’s organic Facebook posts. The report not only shows the average number of friends a fan engages, but also reveals the top 100 fans who are driving the most influence. The updated dashboard allows brands to benchmark against the competition, download reports for further analysis and contact influential fans directly.

Access Fan Grader for free below to identify your brand’s top 100 micro-influencers and learn how other brands are activating micro-influencers to achieve their marketing objectives.

Discover your top 100 most influential Facebook fans with Fan Grader!

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