Creator compensation is a hot topic: How much do they make? What factors help or hurt their income?

So, we surveyed over 600 creators to learn how they earn an income, what impacts their work, and how the industry may change in the coming years.

The takeaway? Every content creator has a unique story — but there are a few similarities, too.

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5 Insights About Content Creator Pay

The creator economy is a rapidly evolving landscape. 

When we surveyed 680 U.S.-based content creators, we wanted to learn more about the factors that influenced creator income — and the common threads that differentiate lucrative full-time careers from invested side hustles.

Here’s are the key takeaways: 


#1: 81.8% of survey respondents said sponsored content is their main source of income.

Many influencers make the most income when they create multiple pieces of content for a single brand partnership.

But that’s not all: 55.7% said they make money from affiliate marketing income, and 32.8% said they make money from paid advertising revenue.


#2: Full-time creators are more likely to make up to eight times more

Understandably, more time spent creating content yields higher income. 

Full-time creators are more likely to make $2K-$4K/month, whereas part-time creators are more likely to make less than $500 per month.


#3: 15.7% of creators generate income from subscription services

When consumers have to pay to access exclusive content, it’s called pay-to-play or subscription content. 

This content is hosted on platforms like Patreon, paid newsletters, paid livestreams, and OnlyFans. 

Pay-to-play content is not only lucrative but gives creators more control over their business and work/life balance. 


#4: Instagram Reels generate the highest rates for sponsored content. 

Even for nano and micro creators, earnings from sponsored Instagram Reels content were reportedly higher than earnings from Instagram feed posts and Stories.

Creators also say that they earned more from Reels than they did from YouTube and TikTok videos. 


#5: Over 40% of creators earned more income and brand deals this year.

Overall, less than half of our survey respondents reported an increase in brand deals and income in the past year. 

44.3% of respondents say they were offered more brand deals this year than in 2022, while 42.5% of respondents say they earned a higher income this year than in 2022. 

Why? Economic trends and creator fatigue are two factors – so we’re keeping an eye on what comes next.


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