We’re getting closer and closer to the crowning a CPG March Madness Champion! The pressure is on for the brands in the Final Four: Luvs, Doritos, Covergirl, and Oreo. These teams have been through tough rounds, upsets, and close calls but have come out victorious in their division. Lets take a closer look at what has happened in the tournament so far.

Luvs has hit the court running and hasn’t slowed down. From Day 1 team Luvs has had a smaller fan-base than its opponents, but they’ve been on a Cinderella run! They’ve played hard (wearing their glass slipper) against Pampers, Tampax, and Gerber. And were able to duck, dribble, and defend their way past Tide’s 4M strong fans. With a last second buzzer beater, Luvs edged Tide out by 14 points! Next they’ll tip-off against Covergirl.


Doritos has played boldly throughout the tournament. The team caused a huge upset in their first game against their chip rival Pringles, and their bold flavor eliminated Campbell’s Soup and Skippy Peanut Butter. Kellogg’s Cornflakes was the most recent team swept off the court, where Doritos’ 4.3M Facebook fans played a huge part. Tomorrow they tip-off against early favorite Oreo!


Covergirl has been had an easy, breezy, beautiful tournament, so far. They eliminated their competition, Revlon and Pantene flawlessly. And then upset Dove’s real beauty – sending them home once and for all. Their game with Kleenex was a hard fight, but their engagement trumped Kleenex’s number of fans…and they came out with a blowout win, with a margin of victory of 509 points!


Oreo has dunked its way past all of its competition: Chips Ahoy!, Ben & Jerry’s, M&M’s and even Purdue Chicken. Making it once and for all – America’s (and milk’s) favorite cookie. Team Oreo remains a team to watch during the semifinals, with 35M fans cheering them on!


Who do you think will make it to the finals?  Tell us your predictions in the comment box below. We’ll be on the edge of our seats during the semifinals!