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How Urban Pie & Screamin’ Sicilian Leveraged Mavrck to Activate Creators on TikTok & Instagram for #NationalPizzaMonth

How Urban Pie & Screamin’ Sicilian Leveraged Mavrck to Activate Creators on TikTok & Instagram for #NationalPizzaMonth

The Challenge

Before leveraging Mavrck’s platform and team of experts, Palermo’s Pizza had no influencer strategy in place. Through an innovative partnership, Mavrck successfully empowered the Palermo’s Pizza team to capture and repurpose lifestyle content and user-generated content (UGC) as a result of numerous campaigns.

The brand came to Mavrck wanting to highlight National Pizza Month during the month of October and position both of its brands — Urban Pie and Screamin’ Sicilian — as the best frozen pizza options out there. The Palermo’s Pizza team knew they wanted to speak to each brand’s persona and call attention to the range of items available within the two product lines.

The brand team also knew that they wanted to activate creators to generate high-quality, entertaining, repurposable video content while simultaneously generating awareness via impressions, increasing engagement, plus driving clicks and sales.

The Idea

Given the campaign objectives, Mavrck and Palermo’s Pizza decided that TikTok and Instagram Reels would be the best channels for this month-long campaign — revolving around the overarching goal of keeping the two Palermo’s Pizza brands top of mind for consumers during this social holiday. By taking advantage of National Pizza Month traffic, the brand team knew it would be able to promote the variety of items offered under the Urban Pie and Screamin’ Sicilian brands — all easily accessible in a number of retailer locations.

For Screamin’ Sicilian, the brand wanted to target males and females between 21-34 years old — with a particular focus on males between 30-34 years old. To hone in on this audience, the brand sought to work with young millennial creators who had comedic personalities or a creative edge, with a special interest in videography.

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The Urban Pie brand team wanted to focus on millennials between 25-44 years old across both genders, honing in on younger millennials who may have entered the phase of life of starting a family.

In regards to the target age demographic, the brand had a particular interest in consumers between 25-34 years old. In addition, Urban Pie wanted to find “flavor explorers” and foodies excited to try new tastes, who placed an importance on premium ingredients and cleaner labels.

The Activation

While the brand owned the campaign brief creation, influencer selection, draft approval, plus final content review, the Mavrck Services team of experts fully executed the campaign — owning the campaign setup and launch, creator sourcing and communications, relaying of draft feedback, and influencer payments.

Throughout the campaign there were a number of challenges that the Mavrck team helped Palermo’s Pizza overcome. Finding the right creators to work with proved challenging at first, but in the end, the teams were able to secure partnerships with influencers aligning with their ideal persona type. In addition, waiting on self-reported TikTok metrics and downloading the short-form video content was difficult at times, but the Mavrck team helped the brand communicate with creators to collect all items needed for the campaign performance report.

By activating creators for their #NationalPizzaMonth campaign across both TikTok and Instagram Reels, Palermo’s Pizza was able to achieve brand awareness and establish a presence on a new channel (TikTok), all while generating content to repurpose across their brand-owned channels.

As a result of this program, 12 TikTok creators generated 12 videos across both Urban Pie & Screamin’ Sicilian — six for each brand — generating 51.9K total impressions and 1.5K total engagements, plus achieving an average engagement rate of 3%. Additionally, 13 other influencers generated 15 Instagram Reels videos for both brands, resulting in a total of 139.5K impressions, 8.2K engagements — with overall very positive sentiment — for an average engagement rate of 5.9%.

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Total Creators (12 TikTok, 13 Instagram)


Total Pieces of Content (12 TikTok videos, 15 Instagram Reels)


Total Impressions (TikTok + Instagram)


Total Engagements (TikTok + Instagram)