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How TRIDENT Worked with Mavrck to Leverage Micro- and Macro-Influencers Across TikTok & Instagram

How TRIDENT Worked with Mavrck to Leverage Micro- and Macro-Influencers Across TikTok & Instagram

So fresh and so clean. TRIDENT gum, a division of Mondelēz International, was ready for a new influencer marketing campaign. Here’s how the Mavrck team, Mondelēz International, and their agency partner, Phoenix Creative, made it happen.

The Challenge

By leveraging creators, Mondelēz International was ready to upgrade its marketing mix to support its TRIDENT gum products that are carried in 7Eleven stores. Phoenix Creative was tasked with creating a campaign to drive impressions, generate clicks to the online 7Eleven Store Locator, plus drive TRIDENT Pocket Packs purchases. To accomplish this, Phoenix Creative and Mondelēz International worked with Mavrck to develop their influencer marketing strategy and execute the subsequent campaign.

The primary challenge was to accomplish all of this with half of the budget that was initially expected.

With lots of tight deadlines and stringent brand requirements, the Mavrck team knew that clear communication, direction, and negotiations across the board would be vital to this campaign’s success.

The Idea

The primary content goal for TRIDENT gum was to showcase the new packaging of the TRIDENT Pocket Pack product with trendy, colorful imagery produced by creators. Phoenix Creative and Mondelēz International sought to target the on-the-go lifestyle creator for this activation and knew that they wanted the campaign to highlight authentic, youthful content targeting Gen Z and Millennial convenience store shoppers. It was also important that the creator partners had a history of wholesome, family-friendly content that avoided any references to politics, nudity, alcohol, or smoking.

With this in mind, Mavrck sourced a group of creators of the same age who fell into the micro- and macroinfluencer tiers — which have between 10,000-50,000 followers and 500,000-1,000,000 followers, respectively. Both of these influencer segments are known to reach a diverse audience while still authentically representing their niche interest. They’re also often trusted more by their followers and thus are viewed as an ideal social proof model by marketers.

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The teams working on this program collectively decided to focus on influencers specifically active on both Instagram and TikTok.

These two highly visual platforms, which are popular among active Gen Z and Millennial creators and shoppers alike, were determined to be the perfect channels to drive buzz and awareness for TRIDENT Pocket Packs.

The Activation

Once the creator cohort was sourced and briefed, they had their mission:

  • Produce high-quality, engaging content
  • Drive TRIDENT Pocket Pack purchases at 7Eleven
  • Highlight an exclusive 7Rewards app offer to buy two TRIDENT Pocket Pack products and receive $1 off in exchange.

Phoenix Creative and Mondelēz International knew that with the best content, which was fueled by a detailed mood board and brand guidelines, they would be able to successfully achieve their goals.

The Professional Services team at Mavrck provided strategic input prior to and during the campaign launch and supported the program all the way through the influencer sourcing process. This included everything from initial outreach, curating the influencer application, negotiating with influencers, coordinating draft reviews, arranging reshoots when necessary, and finally, executing the campaign’s paid social amplification strategy.

Negotiation was the most critical step, with Mavrck leading the charge and facilitating this process with guidance from the brand team. Because of the negotiated rates, the campaign was able to activate a larger group of creators despite the reduced overall budget.

In the end, micro- and macro-influencers produced 70 pieces of content across both Instagram and TikTok, focusing on TRIDENT Pocket Packs available for purchase at 7Eleven.

Collectively, these creators drove 1.7 million total impressions and 117,400 total engagements, resulting in an 7.7% average engagement rate for in-feed content. With 5,200 clicks generated in total, the campaign earned an average cost per click of $6.11 for organic and paid content.

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Total Pieces of Content (7 TikTok Videos, 18 Instagram Posts, 45 Stories)


Total Impressions (TikTok + Instagram)


Total Engagements (TikTok + Instagram)


Average Engagement Rate (TikTok + Instagram)


Total Clicks Generated (TikTok + Instagram)


Average Cost Per Click (TikTok + Instagram)