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How Totino’s Leveraged Mavrck to Activate TikTok Creators & Reach Gen Z Gamers

How Totino’s Leveraged Mavrck to Activate TikTok Creators & Reach Gen Z Gamers

The Challenge

The Totino’s brand team had been experiencing challenges in finding a strong cohort of content creators to champion their Totino’s Pizza Rolls. They also wanted to supplement their existing in-house content with more variety from TikTok content creators. To aid their efforts and drive towards their goals, they partnered with the Mavrck team and utilized our platform to launch their campaign.

Totino’s wanted to increase their reach and relevance among gamers, and Gen Z overall, so they decided to take a new approach with the end goal of driving product sales and becoming “the official snack of gaming and good times.”

The Idea

Totino’s knew that they wanted to reach a target audience of young people (primarily males) between the ages of 15 and 17. To accomplish this goal, they narrowed down their creator pool to partner with a specific group that would connect with their audience: gaming and comedy influencers.

With this target audience in mind, TikTok was the clear go-to platform to activate influencers and generate content using Mavrck’s platform. The teams at Totino’s and Mavrck knew that it would be important to find the best balance of creators to stand out in the super-competitive gaming content landscape, while also coming across as authentic and funny. The creators were compensated for their work according to their quotes and content concepts.

The Activation

Sourcing the best creators that would fit with the brand’s goals and voice was the top priority for Totino’s. It was important that the content was fun and engaging and didn’t feel like an ad. In addition, the brand relied on the creators to drive the content with original ideas and did not box them in with creative restrictions, save for guidelines on logo usage. This creative freedom helped to encourage a variety of content that was entertaining and engaging for the Gen Z audience.

Regular communication was also key for this campaign. The brand focused on the quality of creators that they partnered with rather than quantity, which allowed for more focused content. Totino’s collected creator interest using the Mavrck platform over the course of a three-wave campaign, which allowed them to tweak and adjust their communication over time so that by the final wave they were attracting more creators than ever.

Totino’s activated 7 creators to generate a total of 9 videos for their three-wave influencer marketing campaign on TikTok. This content generated an astounding 11.7 million total impressions and 538,400 total engagements, with a 4.5% average engagement rate and $0.61 average cost per thousand impressions.

The final TikTok content performance impressed Totino’s so much that they plan to integrate similar ideas for future advertising. This continued influencer strategy will help to further accelerate Totino’s success on TikTok. Now that the Totino’s team has successfully run this campaign in partnership with Mavrck’s team, expect even more engaging and entertaining TikTok content to come.

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