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How a Sleep Aid Brand Leveraged Mavrck to Activate Micro-Influencers at Scale & Increase Product Awareness

How a Sleep Aid Brand Leveraged Mavrck to Activate Micro-Influencers at Scale & Increase Product Awareness

The Challenge

With low household penetration, this sleep aid brand needed to find a way to increase organic engagement and leverage word-of-mouth to get consumers to try products.

They wanted to measure brand awareness via increasing the engagement rate, as well as create quality content with the ultimate goal of proving the ROI of their influencer marketing efforts.

The Idea

The brand team wanted to hone in on various influencer persona types throughout their activations for one specific product line. The back to school campaign targeted parents with kids ages 4+ and the adult-oriented campaign focused on influencers 25-35 years old who were passionate about their health.

The brand wanted to use Mavrck to grow product awareness through high-quality content by:

  • Supporting a variety of themes, product releases, seasonality
  • Increasing the total number of influencers activated
  • Reactivating top-performing influencers and consumers across the health & wellness vertical

The Activation

The brand focused on activating micro-influencers at scale to create in-feed posts and Stories on Instagram to drive awareness and increase purchase intent of the sleep aid products. To do this, influencers were required to use swipe-up links to direct traffic to the product page that included a “where to buy” button.

The second priority for the brand was to create highly engaging content showcasing how creators prepare for important times of the year (back to school, daylight savings, Sleep Awareness Month, etc.) with the help of their sleep aid products. The brand team was able to repurpose IGC created from these campaigns on their brand-owned Instagram account.

Due to the legality of product claims, an approval checklist was provided to influencers for them to consult during the content creation process in order to streamline the draft review process at scale.

By activating 217 micro-influencers between both product-specific campaigns, the brand was able to generate 222 Instagram posts, garnering 607.6K total impressions and 97.7K total engagements. In addition, the brand surpassed industry averages within the CPG category for both the average engagement rate (10.1%) and the average cost per engagement ($0.36), achieving 17.1% and $0.20 for the back to school campaign, and 14.7% and $0.25 for the adult-oriented campaign.

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Total Influencers (Back to School Sleep Campaign)


Total Instagram Posts (Back to School Sleep Campaign)


Total Impressions (Back to School Sleep Campaign)


Total Engagements (Back to School Sleep Campaign)


Average Engagement Rate for Back to School Sleep Campaign (Industry Avg. 10.1%)


Average CPE for Back to School Sleep Campaign (Industry Avg. $0.36)