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How Rosefield’s Influencer Marketing Strategy Powered by Mavrck Drove 167% ROAS Across 7 Global Markets

How Rosefield’s Influencer Marketing Strategy Powered by Mavrck Drove 167% ROAS Across 7 Global Markets

The Challenge

While influencer marketing was born from the fashion and retail industries, few brands were first-movers with influencer marketing in their DNA. Rosefield, an international fashion watch brand, was built on social media and established an influencer marketing strategy that’s been essential to the brand from the start.

However, with such a sophisticated strategy, its existing initiatives proved difficult to scale and manage. With that in mind, Rosefield’s primary challenge was to efficiently expand and manage its multiple ambassador community campaigns.

Rosefield wanted a solution to expand its influencer marketing program across its key markets — France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, UK, and US.

It needed a solution that would grow its ambassador community, making it possible to manage several international campaigns at once efficiently and effectively. At the same time, it needed to support the needs of its capacity-limited internal influencer team.

Rosefield IGC

The Idea

Rosefield already had a large and active audience online. In addition to scale, Rosefield wanted to prioritize and emphasize its consumers’ organic and authentic brand passion.

Through Mavrck’s platform capabilities, Mavrck and Rosefield developed an inclusive international ambassador community for all its passionate consumers. Together, Mavrck and Rosefield also launched an international ambassador Instagram account.

Rosefield worked with Mavrck to activate loyal consumers to create content, refer new ambassadors via dynamic links, and amplify branded content on Instagram and Facebook. Managed on the Mavrck platform, high-performing ambassadors were rewarded with points to be redeemed on Rosefield’s website.

To scale program growth, Rosefield leveraged Mavrck’s dynamic influencer recruitment capabilities to engage international consumers through the following brand-owned touch points:

  • Existing email subscriber base
  • in each market
  • Dedicated Rosefield Watches and Rosefield Ambassador Instagram Accounts


In addition, Mavrck’s language translation features — supporting European translation for seven languages — enabled Rosefield to deliver a seamless experience across all touch points.

The Activation

After finding a diverse community of ambassador partners, Rosefield segmented them all into three tiers of influencers, consumer advocates, and referrers. These groups were activated across three core use cases in seven key international markets and were asked to:

  1. Create original blog and photo content on Instagram and Facebook to support Rosefield campaigns and product launches
  2. Refer new members to the Rosefield Ambassador community via dynamic referral links unique to each ambassador
  3. Amplify branded content and promotions on Instagram and Facebook

In addition to incentivizing influencers with exclusive access to new products, Rosefield rewarded high-performing influencers, advocates, and referrers with points, which were managed and redeemed for store credit via the Rosefield community microsite on its

“We’re primarily a European brand, but it is a very diverse market. We have to approach each influencer differently based on their language and culture. The most valuable part of Mavrck is that I have all the the information I need all in one place and it’s very easy to adapt our strategy. I can keep an eye on what’s going on across all global markets in five minutes, where before it took me hours.”

– Victoria Barbet, Influencer Marketing & Relations Manager

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