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How a Packaged Snack Bar Brand Leveraged Mavrck to Reach New Audiences & Drive Engagement at Scale

How a Packaged Snack Bar Brand Leveraged Mavrck to Reach New Audiences & Drive Engagement at Scale

The Challenge

The brand team at a well-known consumer packaged snack bar brand, one of many in a crowded category, had three main challenges:

Drive Brand & Product Awareness

This brand needed to stand out in a crowded snack category and to drive top-of-mind awareness at shelf. But they also needed to drive product awareness of a particular product SKU, a new guilt-free snack.

Communicate Brand Message

To differentiate their product, they needed to communicate their main brand message and reasons to believe in an authentic way that the consumer could relate to, while also inserting the nutritional benefits of the product itself.

Evergreen Content to Repurpose

Beyond the brand objectives, the team also needed brand-quality evergreen content with full usage rights to repurpose on other marketing and social channels. This challenge became even more dire when the global pandemic prevented other means of brand content creation, such as photo and video shoots.

The Solution

Activating Micro Influencers to Create Quality, Efficient Content At Scale

To drive mass awareness at an efficient cost, as well as reach new audiences, the Mavrck team approached the campaign with scale and efficiency in mind. Using Mavrck’s advanced, all-in-one platform, the brand identified and recruited more than 800 US-based lifestyle micro influencers, primarily on Instagram and TikTok, focusing on females and moms between 25 and 40 years of age. The influencers were activated on an always-on monthly basis, with top performers being rewarded with ongoing assignments and a higher incentive amount.

Through the platform’s easy-to-use messaging templates and ability to communicate at scale, the accepted influencers were asked to share how this guilt-free snack fit into their daily life for “me time” as well as weave in the nutritional facts. The influencers were given priority messages and asked to be authentic and genuine in how the product fits into their life. The team also made sure to recruit influencers of all walks of life and backgrounds, to ensure the influencer campaign was inclusive, diverse and representative of the diverse consumer.

To reach a different audience, the brand also conducted a test and learn campaign on TikTok, activating 7 TikTok influencers.

The Results

Quality Content + Efficient Performance Metrics, Surpassing Industry Benchmarks

The scale and reach achieved, while maintaining cost efficiencies, was impressive. To drive mass awareness at an efficient cost, a total of 824 influencers were activated, posting more than 3,224 posts, achieving an engagement rate of more than 14%, and a cost per engagement (CPE) of $0.16, far surpassing industry engagement benchmarks.

A couple other performance highlights were:

  • The 10 top-performing influencers, who were rewarded with extra content assignments, achieved a 15.62% engagement rate and a $0.19 cost per engagement (CPE).
  • The TikTok test and learn campaign was the most efficient and also had the highest engagement rate (20.5%), garnering 150,8017 engagements with a $5.43 CPM and a $0.03 CPE.

Moreover, the brand now has a library of more than 3,000 high-quality images and videos with usage rights in perpetuity, that they can repurpose on their owned social and digital channels.

Content Surpassed Industry Benchmarks

The 2020 campaigns consistently showed engagement rates above the industry average.

Average Branded IGC Engagement Rates by Vertical, 2020

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Total Engagements (All Campaigns)


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Total Reach (TikTok Test & Learn Campaign)


Total Impressions (TikTok Test & Learn Campaign)


Total Engagements (TikTok Test & Learn Campaign)


Average Engagement Rate (TikTok Test & Learn Campaign)