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How American Greetings and Lindt Leveraged Influencers to Drive Mother’s Day Sales, Powered by Mavrck

How American Greetings and Lindt Leveraged Influencers to Drive Mother’s Day Sales, Powered by Mavrck

The Challenge

Lindt and American Greetings have separately activated influencers around key celebratory moments throughout the years working with Mavrck. Mother’s Day presented the perfect opportunity for the brands to partner and encourage consumers to find these complementary products at Walmart stores.

Challenged by influencer sourcing and ensuring that creators satisfied specific demographic needs, this was a mutually beneficial co-collaboration that sought to:

  1. Achieve an engagement rate of 12% or higher
  2. Generate a minimum of 100,000 total impressions
  3. Create at least 75 pieces of content

The Idea

The primary campaign objective was to encourage shoppers to purchase Lindt and American Greetings together at Walmart.

With Instagram’s Branded Content Expansion allowing for two sponsorship partners to be tagged, this campaign was intended to test what a co-branded influencer campaign would look like.

Both brands sought to target an audience of parents and partners located in the U.S. who shop at Walmart, primarily within the 25-34 age demographic, followed by 18-24 and 35-44.

Dianne Krista_Ortiz_instagram

The influencer persona focused on mom micro-influencers with engaged audiences, who create content that utilizes natural light and is not over-filtered. Using historical influencer performance, the Mavrck team was able to identify influencers who would help hit the target KPIs.

The Activation

The brands were able to source influencers from their previous individual collaborations, as well as find new creators to partner with on this special co-branded campaign.

Each influencer was required to submit one Instagram carousel post (with a minimum of two images) and three Instagram Story frames with a swipe up or a Reels video. Creators needed to tag both brands, as well as purchase products from both American Greetings and Lindt to showcase in their content. Draft review and approval was put in place to ensure that all content would meet the standards of both brands.

This co-branded campaign activated 30 influencers in total and resulted in 109 total pieces of content, generating 107.7K total impressions and 26.8K total engagements. In addition, the collaboration resulted in a 26.8% average engagement rate, more than double the industry averages within the CPG category (10.1%) and Food & Beverage category (10.2%).

Together, Lindt and American Greetings were able to hit all three of their goals for engagement rate, impressions, and pieces of content.

Cross-brand collaborations are mutually beneficial strategic alliances that are becoming an increasingly important way for brands to drive business goals, optimize resources, and stay relevant in an ever-changing, dynamic landscape. Like-minded brands of all sizes and across all verticals are teaming up for co-branded campaigns to support their products and services, exclusive product collections, joint giveaways, and shared values.

Through this cross-collaboration, Lindt and American Greetings were able to achieve cross-audience awareness and target net-new consumers: a win-win outcome for both teams.

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Total Engagements


Average Engagement Rate (Industry Averages: 10.1 & 10.2%)