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How Kraft Partnered with Mavrck to Drive a Double-Digit Lift in Favorability and Intent

How Kraft Partnered with Mavrck to Drive a Double-Digit Lift in Favorability and Intent

About Kraft Heinz

A globally-trusted producer of delicious foods, the Kraft Heinz Company is the third-largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world, with eight $1 billion brands.

Based in Chicago, the company houses more than 200 household brands and operates across 40 global markets. Its brand marketing team has worked with Mavrck since 2018.

Key Takeaways

Lifts in Favorability & Purchase Intent

As a result of activating macro and micro-influencers to create 46 #LoveForKraft posts on Instagram to increase awareness, favorability, and intent, the Kraft brand lift study indicated:

  • +40 pt lift in brand favorability among non-Kraft users
  • +15 pt lift in purchase intent of on-Kraft users*

*indicates not statistically significant, but directional

The Challenge

Kraft Heinz was limited in its ability to measure the impact its influencer campaigns were having on the following top-funnel metrics: recall, brand favorability, and intent to purchase.

Specifically, the Kraft Brand wanted to measure and understand how exposure to its #LoveforKraft Instagram campaign impacted perception of the Kraft brand and examine the impact of the Instagram posts on brand awareness, purchase intent and favorability.

The #LoveForKraft Campaign Strategy & Brief

To increase brand awareness, favorability, and intent, the Kraft Brand Team wanted to leverage influencers’ authentic love, experiences, and passion for the brand. To highlight its core brand attributes influencers communicated how Kraft products take pressure off parents, provide moments of relief, and make parenting more joyful. Kraft executed a tiered influencer campaign strategy to identify the top influencers for the Kraft Brand family.

Kraft first recruited micro- and macro- influencers who are parents to showcase Kraft products and recipes on Instagram. Next, Kraft worked with Mavrck to identify the top performers across these campaigns based on content quality and adherence to brand standards. Kraft then invited them to apply to the #LoveforKraft ambassador program for the Kraft Brand family.

Accepted micro- and macro-influencer ambassadors were then instructed to purchase their favorite Kraft products (e.g. Kraft Mac and Cheese, Kraft Natural Cheese, Kraft Singles) to feature in their posts. Influencers created a static Instagram post twice per month with the hashtags #LoveforKraft, #FamilyGreatly, #Ad, the name of the product featured, and the @kraft_brand tag. Influencers were incentivized with a $75 Visa gift card.

Measurement Methodology

To measure how the #LoveForKraft campaign helped to increase top-of-mind awareness, purchase intent, and favorability, Kraft and Mavrck conducted a brand lift study with Group RFZ that compared those exposed to influencers’ #LoveForKraft content on Instagram with an unexposed control group.

As traditional brand lift studies don’t take into account the power of the influencers themselves, the study was designed specifically to measure the impact of influencer marketing by ensuring that the exposed group has some level of awareness of the specific influencer(s).

The study used a standard control/exposed methodology. The exposed group was recruited from an audience of individuals who had already engaged with one of the influencers’ profiles, and were re-exposed to a #LoveForKraft post. The exposed group was comprised of 173 individuals and the control group was comprised of 200 individuals.

Exposed individuals were shown a re-created Instagram feed that included one of five influencer posts.

Campaign Results & Insights

The results of the #LoveForKraft Group RFZ brand lift study revealed that exposure to the #LoveforKraft influencer campaign had a positive impact on Kraft’s KPIs, particularly among specific subgroups (i.e., Kraft users vs. non-Kraft users; households with children vs. without children)

Compared to the control group, the exposed group:

  • Is more favorable to Kraft.
  • Has higher unaided and top-of-mind awareness of Kraft.
  • Has higher brand attribute ratings among those without children and those who do not regularly purchase Kraft products.

Influencer posts also had a strong impact on those without children and those who do not regularly purchase Kraft products.

  • Brand attribute ratings of Kraft saw high lift among those two subgroups and had improved lift on KPIs.

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#LoveforKraft Influencer Instagram Posts


Total Estimated Impressions on Influencer Posts


Estimated Engagements on Influencer Posts


Average Influencer Cost Per Engagement


#LoveForKraft Influencer Instagram Posts Used in Brand Lift Study


Consumers Exposed to #LoveforKraft Instagram Posts

+16 pt

Lift in Unaided Brand Awareness

+8 pt

Lift in Attribute “Gives Me a Moment of Relief”

+15 pt

Lift in Overall Brand Favorability

+27 pt

Lift in Brand Favorability Among People Without Children

+40 pt

Lift in Brand Favorability Among Non-Kraft Users

+18 pt

Lift in Purchase Intent Among People Without Children*

+15 pt

Lift in Purchase Intent of Non-Kraft Users*

*indicates not statistically significant, but directional