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How Eyeconic Launched a Referral Program Using Mavrck to Increase Brand Awareness and Site Traffic

How Eyeconic Launched a Referral Program Using Mavrck to Increase Brand Awareness and Site Traffic

The Challenge

Eyeconic® is an eyewear retailer that specializes in quality frames, lenses, and contacts. Founded by non-profit vision care provider VSP®, Eyeconic has been making fashionable eyewear and vision wellness accessible since 2011.

The brand’s journey as a Mavrck partner started when it sought new ways to generate brand awareness and grow its top-of-funnel subscribers. While Eyeconic had a strong bottom-of-the-funnel strategy, it struggled with optimizing its initial email welcome campaigns and experienced high prospective customer churn as a result.

Thus, Eyeconic wanted to find an alternative to its standard email opt-in process and simultaneously increase brand awareness.

It also wanted to improve its return on ad/program spend (ROAS) benchmark and had a goal to double or exceed its existing KPIs.

The Idea

First, Eyeconic wanted to reach consumers after they engaged in its online e-commerce funnel, but in a new and unique way.

With this goal top of mind, Mavrck helped Eyeconic develop a referral strategy that activated its existing site traffic, getting them to share an exclusive offer on social media with friends and family in exchange for a reward. This concept resulted in the “Give $10, Get $10” referral program initiative.

To help publicize this program and reach new customers, Eyeconic activated its existing advocates along with an exclusive group of micro-influencers.

Not only did this method spread the word about the referral program, but it also increased brand awareness and generated new word-of-mouth website traffic.

The Activation

Mavrck helped Eyeconic execute its referral program by integrating its Influence Plug-In and adding a conversion tag to Eyeconic’s website. This integration powered an always-on, branded referral link generator that dynamically interacted and engaged with existing shoppers, prompting them to participate in the “Give $10, Get $10” offer.

It also encouraged participants to share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, through email, or in an alternative destination of their choice. Once shared, Eyeconic issued $10 promo codes for every successful conversion.

The brand’s goal to find an alternative growth path to supplement its email marketing efforts proved effective. For every million site visitors, Eyeconic’s referral program resulted in 15 unique conversions. With an average value of $206 per conversion, the referral program drove a 58.5% click-through rate (CTR) on shared promotions and a 4.6x ROAS, exceeding its initial goal of 2x.

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