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How COSMEDIX Leveraged Mavrck to Power a Complexion of Content, Conversation & Commerce

How COSMEDIX Leveraged Mavrck to Power a Complexion of Content, Conversation & Commerce

The Challenge

Faced with a dynamic proliferation of digital channels and increasing complexities of social marketing, COSMEDIX, a luxury skincare brand and pioneer of clean, cosmeceutical skincare, wanted to find a way to bring its consumer community together while effectively raising brand awareness and making its customer experience more rewarding.

The cosmetics industry, which built its foundation on in-store experiences, is now dominating social commerce — ranging from influencer collaborations, VR filters, subscription boxes, and apps.

Research shows that how consumers discover, research, and buy beauty products has fundamentally shifted.

The Idea

With this shift in mind, COSMEDIX saw the opportunity to not only create its own social community but to also leverage that community as the foundation to deliver a new, personalized consumer experience that integrates the multidimensions of influencer marketing and social proof that consumers trust today.

The best influencer endorsement today is the one that comes from your own customers. And an influential consumer can take different forms. These personas range from brand advocates — with a few hundred friends or followers — to expert reviewers and social media influencers — those most often associated with influencer marketing, typically with a lot of fans and followers.

The content they create can also become different dimensions of social proof — from Instagram photos to long-form reviews or consumer insight surveys. The combinations are infinite.

But when it comes to influencer marketing, most marketers today only focus on a single influence persona. COSMEDIX decided to flip the traditional influencer model on its head.

With zero spend on media or influencer activations, the brand wanted to partner with relevant influencers, advocates, referrers, and loyalists to power their COSMEDIX Crowd program. By leveraging multiple persona types within their program, COSMEDIX was able to develop an integrated, unified strategy to achieve their marketing objectives.

The Activation

COSMEDIX used the Mavrck platform to identify and recruit all COSMEDIX Crowd members and activate them across three core content use cases:

  1. Micro-influencers created original content on Instagram that could be repurposed across digital touchpoints
  2. Advocates and referrers amplified COSMEDIX brand content across their social channels
  3. All members provided brand and product feedback by submitting reviews

COSMEDIX Crowd members across the various influencer persona types were provided valuable insights in regards to key products and categories. These reviews were then repurposed on and linked to product pages, enabling online consumers to purchase the products featured.

The program proved so successful that COSMEDIX and Mavrck won a Shorty Award in the ‘Best in Beauty’ category for its COSMEDIX Crowd influencer marketing strategy at the 10th annual Shorty Awards.

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