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How Chobani Leveraged Mavrck to Partner with Twitch Streamers & Drive Benchmark-Exceeding Views

How Chobani Leveraged Mavrck to Partner with Twitch Streamers & Drive Benchmark-Exceeding Views

The Challenge

Chobani is a next generation food and beverage company, known for its plethora of dairy and non-dairy products. After creating a custom Roblox game in tandem with its new oatmilk campaign, Chobani wanted to promote it with an influencer marketing initiative targeting gamers. Since Twitch has a high number of gaming streamers and fans alike, this platform was a natural fit into Chobani’s campaign strategy, alongside Twitter and Instagram.

Chobani’s overall campaign goal had three components:

  1. Promote and encourage fans to play its Chobani® Oatmilk Cosmic Race on Roblox, focusing on driving views and content reach to a qualified audience.
  2. Tie its influencer marketing campaign into its overarching “Oatmilk Everywhere” campaign, showcasing how oatmilk is integrated into everyday life and made for everyone.
  3. Drive donations for the non-profit organization Hunger Free America, one of the leading organizations dedicated to ending hunger in America.

These ambitious goals aside, Chobani had one more problem to solve before bringing this initiative to life: with limited access to Twitch streamers and Twitch platform knowledge, they needed a collaborator to access both.

The Idea

The Chobani® Oatmilk Cosmic Race, a solo or team racing game, offers an interactive way to increase awareness of Chobani’s line of oatmilk products among its target audience: the New Age Flexitarian. This group of younger Millennials or older Gen Zers, more likely to be spending time on the internet or gaming, are currently using or would use both dairy and non-dairy milk options.

Lukas Peisel stream

In order to increase awareness of their oatmilk within the stream, Chobani wanted Twitch streamers to perform a live demonstration of their custom game while incorporating subtle oatmilk mentions; the brand encouraged creators to mention Chobani® Oatmilk midstream and incorporate 20-30 minutes of integrated advertising.

The collaboration involved each creator starting their stream, then entering the world of the Chobani® Oatmilk Cosmic Race. The streamer would team up with both their fans and other gamers to race through the galaxy and deliver Chobani® Oatmilk to as many planets as they can as quickly as they can. Additionally, the game was designed to ensure every play got Chobani one step closer to their donation goal of $75K for Hunger Free America, measured by a charity meter located in the game’s lobby.

The ideal streaming partner would be someone with at least one million Twitch followers and a comparable fanbase on Twitter and Instagram. This ideal requirement dictated that the influencer partner would most likely stream full-time and rely on this channel and accompanying work for income. Outside of these criteria, streamers had to be at least 18 years old, based in the United States and had to have a history of content that excluded any competitor sponsorships in the last three months.

Finally, all streamers had to be experienced Roblox players. Chobani knew it would be a challenge to find these particular streamers, since they needed to be authentic to the Roblox platform, but they knew that Mavrck’s wealth of experience sourcing creators would help in this specific effort.

The Activation

Mavrck’s Services team of experts took the lead in each step of the process — from strategic development to streamer sourcing, to creative brief development, communication, payment, and much more. Chobani’s team was also highly active and took ownership of finalizing the streamer cohort, reviewing each Twitch stream script, and approving drafts from Instagram and Twitter posts.

Since this was the first time the Chobani team had utilized Twitch for a branded partnership with creators, the brand and Mavrck’s Services team took time to carefully review each campaign detail in order to anticipate any potential snags and mitigate them beforehand.

In particular, it was important for Chobani to be comfortable with each streamer’s day-of plans, so the teams required creators to submit their script pre-stream, which were then thoroughly reviewed. They also provided checklists to creators and even incorporated live monitors of each stream to help with in-the-moment troubleshooting.

Related to the teams’ thoughtful planning, the game had a strict launch schedule, meaning that streamer content was on an equally tight timeline — one that the Mavrck team handled with efficiency and diligence. The specialized parameters of Chobani’s creator requirements resulted in sourcing delays.

However, ever the professionals, Mavrck took the challenge in stride and was able to successfully find a small group that Chobani was eager to work with.

Each creator agreed to produce a live stream showcasing their Chobani® Oatmilk Cosmic Race gameplay on Twitch — plus 20-30 minutes of Chobani® Oatmilk promotion throughout the stream — and a highlight video of their stream also posted to Twitch. Outside of just Twitch, creators were highly encouraged to craft two to four posts across Twitter and Instagram, in an attempt to extend their streams’ reach and drum up excitement with their fans.

Chobani and Mavrck worked closely together to achieve a successful campaign that drove 80K Twitch stream views, far exceeding Mavrck’s Twitch benchmarks of 19K-35K stream views per campaign. The creators also received a combined 16.7K unique chat messages, most of which were overwhelmingly positive.

Paige Murphy stream

Each streamer’s non-Twitch content fueled impressive results as well. With 11 total posts across both Instagram and Twitter, the streamers’ combined content generated over seven million impressions and 101.3K engagements.

Mavrck also activated a paid media component on Instagram to extend the reach of the influencer-generated content (IGC) from this campaign. Just three boosted posts garnered a total of 15M impressions, 98.3K engagements, and 39.5K clicks. Additionally, each streamer’s efforts helped Chobani achieve its charitable donation goals.

This influencer marketing campaign was full of creativity and genuine excitement from streamers, and their ingenuity shone brightly through their content. Chobani’s unique online game was an unforgettable tie-in to their larger oatmilk campaign, and will surely be a well-remembered initiative for years to come.

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