3 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Disrupting The Creator Economy

AI is the latest tech making headlines for changing the way we work, and there’s no shortage of tandem applause and criticism. It’s true that AI is not perfect and can pose a challenge — but what about the ways it could disrupt in a good way?

We believe that AI can make the creator economy better. Here’s how. 


1. AI Helps Creators Streamline Their Workflow

Right now, so many creators do the work of a full marketing team to get their content launched and run their businesses. AI developments help creators do more, faster — including caption writing, design, scheduling, appointment management, and more. In a world where burnout is prevalent, especially in creative industries, AI is helping influencers regain valuable time to rest.

Not only does this help boost creator morale, but reduced stress is creatively motivating. Imagine the state of the creator economy with happier creators!


2. AI Can Show Brands Where Their Budgets Will Be Most Effective

Any marketer can tell you that budgets are consistently tight. For brands that want to commit to influencer marketing but are concerned about the investment, AI tools can help brands evaluate the creators to partner with. Some can even predict campaign performance and ROI. 

With AI helping brands, tedious tasks can be automated. Therefore, marketing teams can focus on more complex work — and that helps with work/life balance, too. 

3. AI-Assisted Search Tools Are Helping Brands Work Faster

Brands that are streamlining their influencer marketing workflows on the Mavrck platform already know the benefits of an all-in-one platform. But with the help of AI, it’s even better than before. 

Our new AI-assisted search feature is now live on the Mavrck platform and joining the rest of our advanced capabilities. By clicking the magic wand icon in the platform search bar, users can expand their keyword and location search to include more relevant search results for their campaigns. This is just one of many tools brands and creators can utilize to help make their work easier and more efficient!


We’ve Integrated AI Into Our Platform

In conclusion, we’re anticipating that AI’s growth will have big things in store for the creator economy — and we’re already seeing some of those exciting changes implemented today. One development we’re even more excited about is our new AI-assisted search tool — now live and available for Mavrck customer use today. Now, customers can click the magic wand in the search bar and expand their keyword and location search to include more relevant results for their campaigns.


Here’s how the AI-assisted search feature works:

  • Expanded search: Automatically add relevant keywords, hashtags, and emojis to your search so you can save time searching for variations of your topics, and spend more time optimizing your campaign for success.
  • Location radius: Increase the search radius around your desired location to include the nearest 20 cities, finding more creators in less time.
  • Brand mentions: Search your brand and product names to see​​ who is posting about your brand and your competitors.


Ready to try out the AI-assisted search tool on the Mavrck platform? For current customers, all you need to do is log in and navigate to the search bar to begin. If you’re not yet a Mavrck customer, let us show you what our platform is all about with a free, expert-led demo.


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