Given the rise of micro-influencers, Mavrck is challenging 64 of the top national consumer brands in a tournament to figure out who has the most engaged and influential fan base on social. Our annual Brand Madness Tournament has been appropriately named due to the March Madness mania of millions of fans who are cheering for their favorite players, alma maters, or the under dogs. Here, fans are able to score points for their favorite brands via their votes, posts, and influence on social media. Which brand has the strongest team of influencers? It’s going to be an exciting March, so get ready for the madness that leads up to the Big Dance.



We narrowed down the giant pool of CPG brands to just two main conferences with four divisions each. With a wide range of scale, revenue, and social media presence, the ultimate break down includes the Food Conference’s Divisions with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert, while the Household Goods Conference holds Home, Family, Health, and Beauty divisions. See which brands win their way out of their brackets with the most influential fan base!

The Brands

Meet our 64 brand contenders in this year’s championship. To make your picks & predictions, download our brand bracket and get started. You can see our predictions below!

Brand Madness Bracket

Download Your Brand Bracket


Our CPG Brand Madness Tournament includes three different ways to score for your favorite brand. We start by analyzing each brand’s presence on Facebook as an indicator of that brand’s influence. From there, it’s up to you. As the brand’s most active consumer advocates, you have the ability to earn points for your team as far as your influence allows. With the power of content and social media, you have the power to score for your favorite brand to reach the top.

How to Score

Layup (2 Points) = Survey Completion

We’re putting the top brands head to head! Vote for your favorite brand for 2 points.

3 Pointer (3 Points) = Share (+1 for each engagement)

Feeling influential? Share your brand picks on Facebook or Twitter to score a 3 pointer!

Slam Dunk (5 Points) = Share a Photo or Video (+1 for each engagement)

Want to put the team on your back? Show how much you really love your brand by posting a picture or video of you and your favorite product!

Early Picks & Predictions

The competition is wild. Most of the excitement with March Madness is picking a winning bracket, here are some of our predictions for winners:


Stay Up-to-Date: The Tournament Begins March 16th! 

Which CPG brand will reign supreme? The first round of #BrandMadness kicks off on March 16th. Stay updated with who’s beating who! Mavrck will be announcing winners and new match-ups once the results are in!

CPG Brand Madness