Recorded Wednesday April 15, 2021

About this Webinar:

When brands look to partner with influencers to create content, the primary question that comes up is – did this drive business results? 

Taking that a step further, many marketers want to understand if influencers drive sales. While this is the perennial question for influencer marketing, a tangential but different tactic is always used to drive performance – affiliate marketing. And with the affiliate marketing industry estimated as an over $12 billion industry, and the influencer marketing industry coming in at $13 billion, marketers can’t ignore the power of influencers and publishers driving sales through content. 

To understand how marketers can best leverage both influencer and affiliate marketing, they must create a holistic approach to working with creators to drive sales. This includes how to get your different teams on board – whether it be performance marketing, brand or social teams, selecting the right influencers and measuring success. 

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • The difference between influencer and affiliate marketing and why they work better together
  • How to merge affiliate and influencer marketing programs to boost performance
  • How to brief influencers with affiliate links and sponsored content
  • Incentive strategies to optimize performance


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