4 Steps To Leveling Up Your Influencer Marketing Program With Actionable Insights

Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitch… the list goes on and on and is ever-changing. With so many social platforms and analytics therein to choose from, it can be challenging as a marketer to parse out valuable insights from the various influencer programs that are being run over time. 

Did our holiday campaign perform strongly? Was there a particular type of content that seemed to resonate with audiences best? Were there any surprises across the sentiment of our posts? 

As industry experts, here at Mavrck, we ensure that our platform provides actionable insights to both brands and marketers alike, to ensure we are furthering our brands’ influencer efforts, and providing a runway to establish themselves as thought-leaders in the influencer marketing realm. 

Below is a consideration of how to glean actionable insights from your influencer programs, to provide dynamic strategic direction as to what’s next.

1. Analyze The Data
2. Find The Insights
3. Prove Why It Matters & Align Story With Brand Goals
4. Provide Long-Term Strategic Suggestions as Industry Experts


Analyze The Data

The first place to start is with your data at hand. What were the original goals, and objectives that your team set out to achieve? If you’re not sure as to how to make sense of the data, take a look at our industry benchmarks, and influencer marketing key performance metrics (KPIs) for a baseline. 

Furthermore, examining the different types of content (Reels vs. static posts), creative strategies (voice-over vs. music), types of influencers, tiers of size, themes within your top performing, and lowest-performing posts are all useful lenses to begin parsing.  


Find The Insights

Once you’ve taken a look at the numbers, you’ll want to understand what the information is telling you. Tying the data back to the original goals and KPIs that your brand has set forth will help determine if the influencer programs being analyzed performed as expected, or, if there are areas for opportunity, and redirection beyond the expected forecast. 

Some questions to consider at this stage in the discovery could be:

  • What can I see based on the data at hand? 
  • Is this what I expected, based on the strategy our teams set forth? 
  • Are there any patterns in the data? 
  • How does the data compare to industry benchmarks? How does this compare to our previous campaigns? 


Prove Why It Matters & Align Story With Brand Goals

Once data is analyzed, and insights are gleaned, taking your thought process a step further, and considering the “why” will allow your team to also unlock the “so what?” behind the scenes. To find this answer, we must tie back what we’ve already uncovered to brand objectives. 

If your team’s main objective is reach, and awareness, it’ll be important to note, for example, if video drove more impressions than Static posts, specifically Reels, compared to TikToks and Instagram Stories. Therefore, in this example, knowing that Reels is checking the boxes for high impressions, and a high engagement rate, (which, rolls up to brand KPIs) the team may want to explore further consideration of a Reel-only campaign as a next launch.    


Provide Long-Term Strategic Suggestions as Industry Experts:

From start to finish, when analyzing data, marketers alike will want to ensure that the insight and information garnered from the raw materials provide a runway for their brand strategy, both in the short, and long term. While Reels may be a focus for the upcoming campaign strategy, how are we aligning our brand goals with our overall social media strategy for the full fiscal year? Are there other organizations within your company that can benefit from user-generated content (UGC) and influencer-generated content (IGC)? Would an ambassador-like program help us in accomplishing our goals for increased brand awareness over the next six months? 

Providing long-term strategic suggestions as industry experts is essential for influencer marketing programs as it ensures their success and longevity. With an in-depth understanding of the dynamic landscape, marketers can provide valuable insights into current trends and future projections, allowing brands to make informed decisions that align with their goals and objectives.


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