For brands looking to make a big, immediate impact with their social media strategy, Snapchat has become the ideal social network. Brands like Taco Bell have found success on Snapchat by utilizing the filter option to encourage engagement with users while simultaneously promoting their brand or a new product. But how do you create an influencer strategy on a social network with a 24 wipe-the-slate-clean type of newsfeed?

Below, we break down the best way to create an influencer strategy on Snapchat, what the network is best optimized for, and what objectives you can drive on it:

how to create an influencer marketing strategy on snapchat

Feed Consumption and Filtering on Snapchat

With ten billion daily video views, and each of those snaps limited to 10 seconds, Snapchat is structured to maximize content consumption for a user as efficiently as possible. Users are able to scroll through a feed based off of who they follow, and how recently those people have updated their stories- in this way, Snapchat’s feed is more chronologically focused than a social network like Facebook that prioritizes connections over time updated.

Content Structure and Half Life on Snapchat

Personal Snaps between users can up to 10 seconds, while a Snap Story has a max lifespan of 24 hours. The half life of Snapchat is arguably the most severe of any social network, because snaps are permanently erased after a full day.

Search Engine Signals on Snapchat

Snapchat stories are only picked up and indexed by search engines if they turn into a news story or tabloid fodder. In this way, celebrities and brands can often make waves with their snapchats and snap stories. Similarly, brands like Taco Bell can pay for temporary filters to be available to Snapchat, and these press strategies often generate considerable attention online.

Social Relationship Strength on Snapchat

Snapchat users tend to only follow people they know personally, in addition to the occasional mega-influencer, so there is a high level of trust and authenticity between mutual Snapchat followers. Even mega-influencer snapchat accounts often inspire higher levels of trust with followers than their other social media accounts, by nature of the organic aesthetic that Snapchats can provide.

Optimized for: Micro- and Mega-Influencers

The intimate nature of snapchats and snap stories makes a micro-influencer strategy ideal within Snapchat. However, mega-influencers can also drive success on this platform more so than on other social networks, because Snapchat allows a level of intimacy and authenticity that is difficult to relay with most mega-influencer promotions on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Top Objectives: Brand Awareness, Product Launches

Brand awareness on Snapchat is already popular with the opportunities given to promote customized filters for users, and this strategy combined with micro- and mega-influencer momentum could drive high levels of increased awareness around a brand or product launch.

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