As the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet”, Reddit is the go-to social network for user content consumption of high variety and volume. Reddit boasts insanely high visitor traffic numbers, but unlike networks like Facebook that are friendly to advertisers, Reddit has a strict no-ads policy that can make it tricky for brands to take advantage of with an influencer marketing strategy. Below, we break down how to create an influencer marketing strategy on Reddit: what Reddit is optimized for, which influencers perform best on it, and what objectives are the most common.

influencer marketing strategies for reddit

Feed Consumption & Filtering on Reddit

Users spend an average of 13 minutes per site visit on Reddit, but they visit 7 different pages each time on average, which means that the average user is absorbing a higher volume and variation of content than they would on another social network. The more “upvotes” a post gets, the higher it goes on the newsfeed, and the more likely other people are to see the post.

Content Structure & Half Life on Reddit

Reddit’s series of category and labeling systems allows posts to live indefinitely, their visibility dependent on their popularity. Therefore, a post’s consistent popularity is less so determined by the date that it was posted, and more by the extent to which users are interacting with it.

Search Engine Signals on Reddit

Although Reddit as a site has a high page rank, its individual posts rarely are indexed by Google or show up by a Google search. Most users find and interact with posts simply by scrolling through the various categorized news feeds available on the Reddit page, rather than by searching for a relevant topic.

Social Relationship Strength on Reddit

Reddit user relationships are primarily based on anonymity and mass interaction, rarely leading to relationships, trust, or authenticity within a message. Reddit’s success as a social network lies on the premise of anonymity that exists between users, so there’s no chance of building relationships on the site.

Optimized for: Micro-Influencers

Although you won’t see the high levels of authenticity and trust that micro-influencers are known for fostering with their followers, micro-influencers are still the ideal influencer type for Reddit, primarily because Macro- and Mega-influencers won’t be permitted to publicly advertise or promote a brand on Reddit. Reddit is strict with keeping any sort of advertising or promotion off of its pages, so a micro-influencer strategy with every day customers would be the best strategy to get your brand into some posts.

Top Brand Objectives: Engagements, Awareness

Given Reddit’s setup, the top objectives for a brand strategy on the site would be driving engagements and generating awareness with micro-influencer posts.

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