Although LinkedIn has a social network that encourages social relationships and interaction, it can be tricky to create a influencer marketing strategy on the network. Below, we give you a breakdown of how to create an influencer marketing strategy on LinkedIn:

influencer marketing on linkedin

Feed Consumption and Filtering on LinkedIn

With a network based upon direct traffic to individual’s LinkedIn pages, users primarily only consume posts created or shared by other LinkedIn users. The LinkedIn news feed is arguably the least useful of any of the social networks, since the primary focus of LinkedIn is for users to connect with one another and view other users’ profiles, rather than to scroll through their feed and see what people are posting.

Content Structure & Half Life on LinkedIn

Because of the lack of general news feed consumption, LinkedIn posts tend to live and die over a span of 24 hours. Posts can last longer for a user if the user’s connections on LinkedIn like or comment on the post.

Search Engine Signals on LinkedIn

While user profiles have high index ratings on search engines, individual posts have almost obsolete index ratings. Searching names on Google will lead you to their LinkedIn profile, but it’s much more difficult to search a user-created post.

Social Relationship Strength on LinkedIn

LinkedIn requires users to define and defend the relationship of the person they request to connect with, which ensures that a user’s feed is only filled with users that they know and trust. However, the social relationship is predicated upon an assumption of professionalism, and therefore people tend to emit more muted behavior on LinkedIn than they would on Facebook or Instagram.

Optimized for: Mega, Micro

The strong social relationships on LinkedIn would lend to a micro-influencer strategy, but your micro-influencers would have to be a select group rather than mass push, given the social etiquette that exists on LinkedIn. Mega-influencers could also have an impact on LinkedIn, especially those in the business or political realm.

Common Objectives: Engagements, Awareness, Acquisition

Getting new and current users more involved and aware of your brand would be the ideal objective on LinkedIn.

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