As the predominant social network, Facebook is an obvious choice for brand marketers looking to kickstart an influencer marketing strategy. Below, the top four criteria for a social media network are broken down in terms of what Facebook is optimized for, which influencers perform best on it, and what objectives are the most common:

how to create a marketing strategy for facebook

1) Feed Consumption & Filtering on Facebook

Facebook has the most heavily consumed feed, and the one filtered based on the amount of engagement an individual drives. As the preeminent social media network, Facebook’s News Feed reaches millions, and any given post on that feed could drive millions of impressions. However, a post is only as good as the person who’s posting; influence plays a huge role within Facebook’s algorithm, and the more influential a person is with his or her followers, the more prominently his or her posts will be featured on followers’ feeds.

2) Content Structure & Half Life on Facebook

Although Facebook allows many different types of content to be posted, the average life of a post is only 22 hours. As a result, a Facebook influencer strategy would benefit from volume rather than individual quality: the more micro-influencers that post branded content on their newsfeed, the more eyes that will see the posts during their relatively short half lives.

3) Search Engine Signals

While only Profiles & Pages on Facebook are indexed by Google, Bing indexes content and includes engagement as a signal. It’s unlikely that a Facebook influencer strategy would directly move the needle on your organic search objectives, but it could drive indirect traffic and organic interest from the followers of the micro-influencers who post about your brand.

4) Social Relationship Strength

Facebook closely mirrors real-world relationships, so you know and trust 80% of your Facebook connections. As a result, there are extremely high levels of trust and authenticity between most Facebook followers, which leads to a micro-influencer’s ability in particular to sway the purchase decisions of his or her Facebook followers.

Optimized for: Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are the ideal influencer type for Facebook. Their high levels of trust and authenticity are amplified by nature of the personal connection between Facebook followers, and the News Feed will reward influential Facebook users by displaying their posts on their friends’ feeds more predominantly.

Top Objectives: Engagements, Brand Awareness, Customer Acquisition

The top objectives for an influencer marketing strategy on Facebook are driving engagements, generating brand awareness, and driving customer acquisition. The sheer volume of users on Facebook at any given moment will ensure that your most influential customers are putting your brand’s message in front of a potentially unlimited number of eyes, who are then likely to comment, sign up, or purchase a product, depending on the messaging.


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