Just like accountants, investments bankers, and executive officers, marketers have a distinct way of thinking and acting. Sometimes it’s a bit unorthodox, but unlike other business professionals, marketers are not constrained by rules such as GAAP. Marketers get to work on the colorful side of business; they get to think outside of the box. Here are 7 Signs You’re a Marketer:

1. You don’t skip through commercials 

Unlike many others, you will actually sit through and watch commercials on TV instead of getting up and getting snacks. You like to see what’s new and decipher what kind of tactic the brand is using to try to entice you. Of course there are times you’d rather skip through them to get to some juicy action or drama, but overall, commercials count as entertainment for you too.


2. You catch yourself critiquing and rating commercials all the time 

Not only do you like watching commercials, you’re always judging how good or how cheesy they are. Same goes for ads. Sometimes you’re just like “Come on, really?” and other times you’re actually touched and get sentimental. You’re not caught up on the product/service; you’re caught up on how they delivered it to you. You pretty much like to grade commercials and think about how they could be better.


3. Your favorite part of the SuperBowl is the commercials 

If some company is going to spend the amount of money it costs to run a commercial during the SuperBowl, they better do it well and they can bet that you’re going to be watching it. For many people, but especially marketers, the commercials during this game are the best part! It’s like the best of the best for commercials for the year! At least for $4 million a spot, it better be!


4. Getting results from any and all social media posts makes you happy

This probably is true for everyone, but marketers love getting feedback about what they post and figuring out how strong of an influence they have. Marketers want to know that they are being heard. Personally, I love hearing “If you say it’s good, I know it’s good.” That’s pretty much the best compliment a marketer can get!


5. Networking is a natural habit

You’re always selling yourself; it’s like you do it unconsciously. You’re great with talking to people and leaving a lasting impression. I mean, you can’t expect to sell something else without selling yourself as a trustworthy, likable person.


6. You actually read all the advertisements on the subway

Much like staying to watch commercials, you enjoy reading the ads on the subway and in the stations. You’re more likely to be caught scanning the billboards than scrolling through Facebook. It’s like your reading material as you wait for your stop. Again, you most likely critique them and sometimes get inspiration.


7. You’re always curious about how people discover a new product or service

Marketers want to know where and when others discover something. This is great insight on how they can do their job better. This curiosity can generate new ideas or put an end to “annoying” techniques. It’s pretty much another way to survey consumers, but on a more personal level. Plus, who doesn’t love to hear about great products?!