This Memorial Day weekend, there will be endless occasions for brands and advertisers to try to sell consumers on limited time deals, weekend-only opportunities, and other product offers for the long weekend. In light of this advertising boom that comes round like clockwork at the end of each May, Mavrck would like to provide the following pointers for navigating a weekend of product placement: instead of focusing on marketing tactics or dealing with screaming heads on television, here are five easy ways to honor the actual purpose of Memorial Day:

Participate in a Memorial Day Parade. 

…No, we don’t mean advertise during the parade. We mean you should actually walk it. Parades are a fun and inclusive way to honor all of those who have fought or are still fighting to keep our country safe. Add a neighborhood barbeque in after your walk, and you’ve got yourself a full blown celebration.

Raise a Flag- Or Several.

Or if you’ve already done that, check out what decorative events are taking place in your local city or town. For example, fellow Bostonians can go take a walk around the Garden of Flags in Boston Common, where you will see a display of 30,000 planted American flags meant to honor the Massachusetts service members who have died in the line of duty.

Bring Flowers to a Local Cemetery.

Go with friends, family, or take a stroll alone. The family members of deceased veterans will appreciate the recognition you’ve given to their loved ones’ time served on behalf of this country.

Volunteer at a Charity or Nonprofit Organization.

Take advantage of the long weekend and set aside a few of your bonus hours to give back. Whether it’s a soup kitchen, cleaning up trash in a public area, or volunteer work at a veteran-specific organization, take the time to return the favor to service members in any way, big or small. (Check out the full list of Boston charity and nonprofit organizations here.)

Call Your Loved Ones, & Thank Them.

If you have a family member or friend who has served or is currently serving in the military, give them call. Take them out to lunch. Buy them a coffee. Any small act of kindness and appreciation will go a long way, and influencer marketing will still be here when the weekend is over!

The Mavrck squad would like to thank all who currently serve and have served our country, and to wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.