ideaSo you’ve created some awesome marketing content and you’re ready to go live. What’s the next step? To share your awesome content of course! But that’s not all you want. You want others to share it too!

Shares” are an effective and free way to reach a network larger than your own. When influencers share your content, their network is exposed and tend to see your content as more valuable than if they saw it on your page. This is because content on an influencer’s page seems more reliable and authentic, and will more likely lead to a conversion.

While it’s easy for influencers to share content, they may refrain from doing so in case they come across as annoying within their network. It doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, getting others to share your content can be difficult, but we’ve got a few tips and tricks to get the ball rolling.


1. Evoke a Strong EmotionEmotionalImage


Don’t underestimate the power of “The feels.” Whether it be happiness or sadness, emotional content is great when trying to get your influencers engaged and motivated to share. Funny content can bring joy, and who doesn’t like to share joy with their friends? On the other end, disheartening but meaningful content can create shock. This tactic is going for the “OMG, watch this” kind of share.


2. Create a contestimages


Contests are a great way to gain exposure for your content. Entrance to a contest can be as simple as ‘liking’ your page and submitting an email address. According to Facebook policy, you can no longer legally ask people to share something, but if you offer a prize worth sharing, you’re good to go! Plus, there’s still the chance for influencers’ friends to see what they’ve “liked” and commented on. You can also ask fans to share your content elsewhere. Contests don’t necessarily have to cost you anything. Physical prizes, like gift cards or swag, are solid choices, but you can also offer sharing the winner’s content or page. You can offer a “for the fame and glory” prize.

3. Pose a challengechallenge-accepted

There’s no better example of this tactic than the “#IceBucketChallenge” of 2014, which garnered over 2.4 million tagged videos on Facebook. People are much more likely to do something when publicly called out. Sharing a link with this contest is an effective way to lead people to your content.



4. Help them in a wayEven-I-Need-Help

Have your content be helpful with something like a “lifehack.” If it’s worthy, influencers will be motivated to share what they just found out to help their friends. Even fun and clever facts could work with this tactic.




5. Incentivesi-m-addicted-to-one-thing-winning-charlie-sheen

Much like running a contest, a variety of monetary and non-monetary incentives can be used, but there isn’t just one winner. Everyone gets something for sharing your content, so everyone is a winner!


Now that you’ve got an idea of a few ways you can get influencers to share your content, start getting your best content out there!

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