why you need an influencer platform

Influencer marketing can be executed in a number of ways, but using an influencer platform is the most painless way to create and implement a successful influencer marketing campaign for your objectives. Below are the top five reasons that you should consider an influencer marketing platform as the means to run your influencer strategy:

Time Efficiency

Forget the spreadsheets and Google searches. Working with an influencer platform allows you to bypass a large chunk of the research and pre-launch aspects of your influencer strategy by taking care of this for you. Whether you want mega, macro or micro-influencers in your marketing strategy, the influencer marketing platform you work with will already understand best practices for the given influencer category, saving you time (and money) in the process. For the 55% of marketers who are still managing their influencer programs manually, an influencer marketing platform could be a game changer for their budget and employee bandwidth constraints.


You can only achieve scalability with your strategy if you use an influencer marketing platform. This becomes especially important if you wish to use micro-influencers in your strategy: a micro-influencer platform has the software and automation capabilities that are essential to activating thousands of influencers at once to create content for your brand.

Flexible activation capabilities

By using an influencer marketing platform, you can more easily adjust the time constraints and scheduling around your influencer campaign. Many platforms will allow you to specify the exact schedule for when you want your influencers to be active, while some platforms like Mavrck will provide the option of always-on influencer activation.

Data Insights

An influencer platform will aid in measuring and reporting on the progress of your influencer strategy, allowing you to easily keep track of how far you are from your goals and objectives within the strategy. Depending on your contractual agreement with the influencer platform, you may even have access to social data, trends, or user profiles within your influencer pool.


Finding and partnering with, or discovering and activating, the correct influencer can be the most arduous part of an influencer strategy. An influencer platform ensures that you’re not only gaining access to your desired influencers in an efficient manner, but that you’re also partnering with the right influencers for your brand, the ones who actually have the power to move the needle on your business objectives.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.