Can’t quite tap into your creative side today? Here’s are a few Facebook posts that don’t ask too much from the right side of your brain but have your fans taking action!

1. Follow Us

This is a no-brainer. Give a shout out to your own social channels. The call-to-action is huge here. Make sure to direct your fans to like or follow whichever channel you are promoting. This is a good opportunity to give a new channel a boost in followers.

2. Caption This

These are simple. Do a google image search of “Caption Contest” and pick one of the many available inspirations. If you’re really feeling clever, have the image match the theme of your brand. Throw in a #caption and a #contest in your text and you are likely to get some new fans participating.

3. Celebrate With Us

Everyday is its own random holiday. Lookup what today’s holiday is and get your followers talking about it. Ask them their opinion, to choose sides or just see what they will do to celebrate. More often then not, they won’t even know that it’s a holiday, so give them a reason to celebrate!

4. Get Motivated

Not just reserved for Monday wake-up posts, your followers could use some motivation throughout the week. You can also create alliteration with the subject of the motivation or the saying with the day of the week. There are many great Pinterest boards out there that have hundreds of good photos to choose from.

5. Have Weekday-Focused Posts

We hinted at it in the last one, but pick a post that matches the day of the week. Do a hump-day shout out or a Friday celebratory post. If it’s the weekend, ask your followers what they are doing to spend time with family or to relax with friends. If you can’t think of something to match the day, create your own alliteration with the day of the week and start your own tradition!