Brands and Marketers Should Enroll In a Creator Education Course. Here Are Five Reasons Why.

In a world where social media, influencer marketing, and technology trends are constantly in flux, you may be thinking that there’s no way you’ll be able to absorb all the latest information.

There are indeed innumerable resources available and it can be an overwhelming experience trying to find the best ones. We know that knowledge is power and there are easy ways to make sure you’re staying ahead. But we ask the question — why should you take a creator education course at all?  

1. It will help you become more familiar with the influencer marketing landscape.

Whether you’re dabbling in influencer marketing, pursuing education for your career, or simply curious about what it all means, you’ll find many beneficial takeaways from a creator education course. You may notice college courses popping up about influencer marketing as well, like the University of Southern California’s influencer relations course, which points to a future teeming with influencer marketing majors and a creator middle class.

2. It applies to the broader communications, marketing, and advertising industries.

Because the creator economy touches many industries, any marketer can benefit from learning more about influencer marketing. And if your goal is to work with content creators, you’ll gain even more value as you learn to efficiently activate influencers at scale to achieve successful brand partnerships. 

3. Marketers aren’t the only ones who should know how it works.

Hear us out: even if your industry falls outside of brand marketing, advertising, and communications, there’s a chance the creator economy has impacted you. Influencer and social media platforms cover everything from financial technology to sports to the metaverse to e-commerce. Even if you’re not working with creators on the daily, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of how it all works. 

4. It’s an easy way to gain new skills on your own time.

Online courses are known to help hone self-motivation. You can also break up your education into easily achievable chunks throughout your day, which allows you to complete courses at your own pace. Plus, with modules that test your knowledge through post-chapter quizzes, you’ll flex those memory muscles and analytical skills. 

5. It’s a cost-effective way to learn.

Online learning prioritizes disseminating the most relevant information to its learners o help them scale their knowledge quickly. And with so many resources, there are always affordable options that cost students little to nothing to participate. Plus, you get to skip the extra costs of commuting and buying textbooks like what’s needed in a traditional learning environment.


Class Is In Session With Influence University

Luckily for all our curious hustlers out there — whether you’re a brand marketer, student, or content creator yourself — we’ve got the sauce. Influence University, our groundbreaking series of influencer marketing education courses, gives you the comprehensive crash course you need to become industry-fluent while inspiring those “a-ha” moments. 

There are free courses available to help you learn the basics of the industry or get more detailed with social network deep dives. Or, cross into timely focus areas such as paid media, ambassador programs, FTC guidelines, and more. Here’s a full list of our free creator courses that you can enroll in now:

      • Influencer Marketing 101
      • Influencer Marketing by Social Network
      • FTC Disclosures & Brand Safety
      • Short-Form Video platforms, like TikTok
      • Brand Ambassador Programs
      • Using Paid Media to amplify IGC

A New Course By Creators, For Brands

But that’s not all. We’ve recently launched “The Creator’s Perspective on Influencer Marketing” course, developed by our trusted creator partners. Take this course for tips on how to best collaborate with high-performing creators, costly mistakes to avoid when developing your influencer marketing strategy, plus best practices to help you improve ROI for your influencer programs. Topics covered include:

        • Chrissy Carroll (@chrissytherd): Blogging Best Practices & Pinterest Best Practices
        •  John William Barger III (@jwbarger): Reasonable Deliveries and Timelines & Why Engagement Matters, but Quality Matters More
        •  Olia Hamolia (@olia_chicago): Diversifying Influencer Marketing Channels & One-Off Collaborations vs. Multi-Month Contracts
        •  Rosalynne (Rose) Montoya (@rosalynnemontoya): Why Working with LGBTQPIA+ Individuals Year Round is Crucial & How to Contact and Respect LGBTQPIA+ Creators

Collectively, this group of creators has completed 200+ campaigns with enterprise brands such as Express, Timex, Crocs, Lindt, Walgreens & more.
We’re offering the entire course covering all of the above topics for a one-time fee of $25—well worth the invaluable knowledge that our creator partners have shared! Enroll here.


Come Learn With Us

We hope you’re excited to enroll in one of our free Influence University courses or take the plunge with our exclusive paid course, “The Creator’s Perspective on Influencer Marketing.” We’re confident you’ll graduate from our modules with a new understanding of influencer marketing and the creator economy. Here’s to cultivating more knowledge in 2022!


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