Tweeting can be a great challenge sometimes. It can also get very repetitive, especially when smaller companies are starting out. With a limited selection of products, you often have no choice but to tweet the same things over and over again. Here are a couple creative ways to make Twitter more interesting for you and your followers.

1. Host Twitter Parties

Twitter parties are a great way to engage directly with your followers. Block out an hour or two to discuss a topic that you feel is relevant to your business. It can be about anything. Ask questions and get your followers to talk to you. It can be valuable to hear their feedback and also let them see who you are.

2. Create Secret Code Words

Many business, like Sprinkles and Georgetown Cupcake, have daily specials that only their Twitter followers would get. Each morning, the companies send out a tweet with the “secret code word” for the day. This code gets them a free cupcake, no strings attached. They are rewarded not only for their actions, but also dedication to the company with a treat. Companies also host giveaways with the code word, leaving it on Twitter for a couple of hours, then deleting the code off the page. This will help followers pay more attention to what is tweeted from your account.

3. Provide Instant Customer Service

Providing spectacular customer service can also make or break a customer’s experience. 16 Handles, a frozen yogurt shop, responds within seconds to a tweet mentioning their yogurt in any way. Even if a customer does not mention their handle or hashtag, they are still given a response. Since many companies don’t have that type of personalized service, it makes your company stand out not only to your competitors but to all companies on Twitter.

4. Conduct Market Research

Twitter is a great way to learn more about your target audience. Users often complain about their products via Twitter, so learning where their dissatisfaction lies will help you make changes to your business. Online retailers like Gilt have specific handles dedicated to helping out those types of customers. Not only would followers get that personalized service, like mentioned before, but companies would also learn to make their business better.

5. Build a Community Among Your Followers

Most importantly, strive to create a community among your followers. Since your followers already share a common interest, help deepen their relationship with each other by giving them the opportunity to interact with each other. Twitter parties are a great way because participants get to see each other at the party and their responses. Followers are then able to learn about each other. Providing multiple opportunities for customer engagement should be a priority with Twitter.

Twitter isn’t there just for companies to talk about themselves. It exists to close the gap between the company and the customer. It makes the company more real and humanized, rather than just a corporate office. Use it as a tool to reach out to your customers. It’s a two way conversation.