crowd_community Every good marketer knows the first step to creating a marketing campaign is research. If you don’t know enough about your target audience, how are you supposed to draw them in? How do you connect with them on a personal level, find out what their problems are, and market your product or service as the solution?

If you launch a new campaign or update your website without direction, you run the risk of wasting time, money, and resources. To avoid this, each of your marketing campaigns should start with research, testing, and collecting feedback.

Traditionally, to collect this type of feedback you’d have to set up multiple focus groups. You’d have to screen participants to make sure they represent your market, assign and pay a moderator, and make the experience both convenient and enjoyable for your participants.

Wouldn’t you think in the digital era, we’d have a better solution?

We do:

Branded Communities

A branded community is a group of like-minded consumers who identify with a particular brand and share significant traits. They are a group of your top influencers, your most loyal customers, and the people who represent your target audience as a whole.

Today, instant gratification and accuracy are not only expected, they’re necessary. Agencies and marketing teams move at lightning-fast speeds creating content, optimizing websites, and running new campaigns.

Your customers move even faster. If you can’t keep up, they will quickly turn to a competitor.

You need to find ways to first grab their attention and then keep it for long enough to get your message across.

In order to create content that resonates well with the right audience and drives sales, marketers need accurate data that can keep up with today’s fast-paced consumers. Owning a branded community gives you this freedom.


 1. Save Time Researching

Imagine taking the time to complete several screening processes to find the proper participants each time you need feedback. This takes valuable time away from your marketing team. Time you could be using more wisely.

opinion_bubbles Instead of manually going through the process of finding a relevant pool of people, you can create a branded community using Mavrck’s algorithm to screen your customers, fans, and followers.

Once you identify your most influential and targeted customers, you can invite them to join your branded community. When you’ve assembled this exclusive group, you can gather valuable feedback instantly without having to jump through hoops to find a qualified pool of people.


2. Gather Accurate Feedback

Your branded community is like the ideal, ever-present focus group.

As said before, all members of your exclusive community are screened meaning you’ll always have a group of top customers and influencers to gather valuable insights, feedback, and first party data from.

In today’s customer-centric world, your branded community will play a vital role in steering the future of your brand.

If you’re in the process of creating a new ad campaign, you can ask questions or run ideas by your branded community to gather honest feedback:

-Which of these images is the most captivating?6a00e54ee3905b8833017d414d4343970c

-Does this video stand out against competitors?

-How would you improve this?

-Which button would make you buy?


3. Collect User-Generated Content for Campaigns

Community members can also co-create and be active contributors to your brand’s creative efforts. After all, they know your target group best because they are your target group.

To collect user-generated content, you can ask members to share a picture that works with your campaign plan (like a photo of them enjoying one of your products).

If you use Mavrck to host your branded community, you’ll also have the ability to directly access the content on your influencers’ social profiles. You can organize and filter your members’ content by specific campaigns, keywords, or influence and easily capture their photos or videos to use as part of your campaigns.

With a branded community, you can effortlessly find relevant user-generated content instead of searching through crowds of public posts.


4. Distribute Branded Content 

If you leverage Mavrck’s algorithm to fill your branded community, you’ll have your top influencers at your fingertips. If you have campaign content that needs to be distributed, who better to do it than your influencers?

You might have powerful marketing content, but promoting it yourself won’t be as effective as harnessing the power of word-of-mouth.

It’s a fact: 92% of consumers worldwide trust recommendations from friends and family more than any form of advertising. Sure, you can get some impressions and clicks on a self-promoted campaign. But, by leveraging influential consumers to distribute branded content, you can drive sales.

A branded community is every marketer’s wingman. It’s reliable, honest, generous, and it can seriously improve your marketing-game.