2022 Influencer Marketing Predictions

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

12:00PT | 3:00 ET


Join Mavrck to learn more about 2022 influencer marketing predictions, and find out how marketers can not only keep up with this ever-changing industry, but also pave the way forward for their brands as innovative thought leaders for years to come.

We’ll talk about:

•  The rise of the creator middle class 
•  Creators and NFTs will pave the way for the metaverse to become reality
•  TikTok will overtake Facebook and Instagram as most popular social network—especially for creators
•  Retailers will turn creators into a revenue stream to promote products as part of shopper marketing budgets
•  Influencer and brand rating systems will emerge—measuring creators based on trust scores, not just engagements
•  Creator unionization will occur

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