Recorded Thursday December 10, 2020

About this Webinar:

Our world fundamentally changed in the last year, both for our industry but also our everyday lives. In 2020 alone we’ve seen the continued rise of TikTok, the increase of competitors within the short-form video space, plus many new features from top players like Instagram — all during a pandemic. Brands and creators navigated sensitive topics like racial injustice in America, they responded to boycotts of the largest social networks in the world, and participated in or actively avoided the topic of the election. 

Marketers are challenged to keep up with the industry and be thought leaders for the next year to come. And while hindsight is ironically 2020, the next year holds promise and opportunity for brands, influencers, and real people. In response to our changing environments, we must be forward thinking. Just as brands and influencers strive to stay on top of social media trends and the larger milieu, they also aim to be trendsetters themselves. 

In this panel, we cover:

  • Predictions from influencers 
  • Social proof and ROI for marketers and brands
  • The rise of the non-influencer
  • Diversifying revenue streams for creators 
  • Where influencer marketing fits into budgets and their technology stack