How do you make the post of the content you post on Facebook? Check out the following tips to get your Facebook strategy off the ground and running. 

1. Know Your Audience

Rather than us prescribing exactly what time of day you should be posting, get to know your audience & where they are! Time zones make a difference and knowing whether your audience will be at work, school or at home with some spare time could make the difference to your post’s success.

2. Be Very Consistent

In addition to posting at the right time of day, it is important to be consistent with it. Rather than posting just when you happen to remember, schedule posts in advance. This ensures your fans are regularly seeing content.

3. Keep It Two Lines

Try to steer away from captions that have the length of a novel. Keep your posts around two to three sentences. Also, use one line break to space out the thoughts or better highlight the call to action.

4. Obey the Rules

If you promote a post that includes a photo, be sure to follow Facebook’s image restriction that no more than 20% of the image be text.

5. Call to Action

This may seem obvious now, but when you get caught up in choosing the right image or link you may forget to add in the most important piece: the call to action. What do you want your fans to do? Make sure to be clear and direct.

6. Write a Shout Out

Don’t be afraid to announce or praise individual users in your posts. If you are celebrating something or announcing a winner, mention them even if you cannot tag them directly. Their friends will see it and tag them with some more love.

7. Add a Photo

What does everyone love to see on Facebook? Photos! Instead of posting a boring link, find a snapshot from the site or a photo to represent it and add in the link to the text of your post.

8. Shorten Your Links

Long URL links are pretty ugly, so use sites like Bitly to shorten them and Facebook will register them as links within your post. If you want to get fancy, sign up for sites like Click Meter to track who’s clicking on those links so you can start measuring your post performance.

9. Remember Weekends

Don’t forget about the weekends! Your fans are on social all week, but peak frequency occurs on Saturday and Sunday when people have more free time. Keep your posts consistent throughout the week.

10. Switch it Up With the Content You Distribute

Your fans don’t want to hear about  all the time. Keep up with current news, holidays, and local events (when applicable). Pay attention to days of the week, everyone loves to start thinking about the weekend on Friday!

11. Keep it Brief

This might not be as obvious as you think. Spend enough time re-reading your text to ensure it’s clear and quick to read. Your post will be competing with plenty of others on your fans’ news feeds, so be clear and brief.

12. Ask for Creativity

USG is king. Ask your followers to create content for you: you can allow them to choose between options or provide them with some suggestions to get the most engagement. If you post a link, ask what their opinion is – this will help you generate a conversation between fans as well.

13. Include Your Logo

If you are posting a photo that has a high likelihood of being shared, include your own logo in it. This will help spread brand awareness by allowing potential fans to connect your great content with your brand.

14. Celebrate Milestones

Thank your fans when you reach 500 fans, 1000 fans, and other big milestones. Create a cool image to use and let everyone enjoy your page’s big accomplishment.

15. Keep Positive

Your fans come to Facebook to be entertained and take their mind off their work and responsibilities – keep your posts light, positive and happy! Nobody likes a gloomy, negative brand.

This post was updated on 1/26/18.