On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States voted to legalize marriage equality in the country, declaring any ban unconstitutional.

This landmark decision elicited strong responses everywhere. It’s just about impossible to click anywhere on social media without being flooded with images of rainbows, hearts, and celebration. What is unique to this cause, however, is that the country witnessed a rare crossroads between commercial brands and politics in light of SCOTUS’ decision – many companies also took to social media to join in support of the #LoveWins response.

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Delivering messages of #acceptance, #diversity, and #equality, we’ve highlighted the brands who creatively recognized the #SCOTUS decision:

1. “Celebrate Pride” – Facebook

With the launch of its “Celebrate Pride” filter feature, users can add a rainbow filter to their profile picture in support of #GayPride.


2. Pride Flag – Google

Highlighting the significance of the #Pride flag’s meaning, Google tweeted this video:




3. “We’re On Board” – American Airlines

American Airlines celebrated diversity with a unique perspective from the sky.



4. “This Bud’s For You” – Budweiser

Cheers to progress, from Budweiser.




5. “Accepted Everywhere” – Visa

Love, now accepted everywhere.



6. “¿Homo Estás?” – Chipotle

Choosing the “punny” route, Chipotle tweeted a #Pride burrito.




7. “Perfect Together” – Maytag

The Maytag Man made a statement cheers-ing to the perfect pair.




8. “From This Day Forward” – Macy’s

Love is love, from this day forward.


9. “#HostWithPride” – Airbnb

Airbnb invited SCOTUS to a big party as the company’s guest of honor.



10. #RideWithPride – Citi Bike

Citi Bike and Citi invited everyone in NYC to take a ride on a festively-wrapped bike, some of which were featured in the Pride March on Sunday, June 28th.


11. “Forecasting Love” – The Weather Channel

Rainbows with meaning from The Weather Channel.




12. Game of Thrones/OITNB

Even TV shows tweeted their support of the decision, with Game of Thrones featuring a Renly figurine, and Orange is the New Black tweeting an exuberant Piper.







13. “#LoveHasNoLabels” – P&G

Featuring a colorful array of its products, P&G made a powerful statement: labels don’t belong on people.




14. “Marriage Map” – Boing Boing

In contrast to the maps often showing a stark division amongst states, Boing Boing tweeted a map showing in which states same-sex marriage is now legal.




15. “Be Proud” – White House

Arguably most poignant of images that were posted in support of the #SCOTUS decision wasn’t from a brand, but from the White House. In reposts, it has been accompanied by a quote from President Obama,


“Today we can say in no uncertain terms that we’ve made our union a little more perfect.”



Consumers typically expect to see their friends and family responding to current events in this manner, but certainly not brands. So what’s the benefit of brands joining this conversation? It makes a powerful statement about authenticity and inclusion. Each brand that made a show of support on social media over the past few days is now more than a logo in the minds of its followers – they are each a representation of progress.