1. Identify Yourself as an Authority in Your Bio

Listing titles such as “Founder”, “Official”, “Expert”, or  “Speaker” will establish your credibility straight away. Social media users make judgements quickly, and titles such as these will make your tweets appear more trustworthy.

2. Use Twitter-Specific Calls to Action

“Please ReTweet”, “Please RT”, and “Please Help” are all ways of encouraging engagement with your tweets. Asking for a retweet generates four times more retweets than when you don’t!

3. Tweet Links Between 2PM & 8PM

Late afternoon and early evening are the peak hours of social media activity. By tweeting during these hours, you catch users bored at work and users looking to unwind after a long day – on both coasts!

4. Tag Your Sources

Establish credibility by including “via @SOURCE.” Not only will users trust your information more, but also spreading the love by acknowledging source material is always good for your brand.

5. Write Tweets Between 120 & 130 Characters

Writing tweets that are less than 140 characters is better for retweeting – leave room for your audience to add RT, @username and a comment.

6. Tweet on the Weekend

Tweet regularly between Thursday and Sunday, as social media engagement spikes towards the end of the week and during the weekend.

7. Tweet about Twitter (Meta, eh?)

Articles that mention Twitter are retweeted over 200% more than articles mentioning Facebook. Don’t be a bad guest- make sure to acknowledge the right social media host, and they’ll reward you with traffic.

8. Tweet One Link Per Hour

By tweeting at most one link per hour, you will maximize the clicks you receive. If you overwhelm your audience, they will become less and less likely to click on your tweets or links.

9. Use More Verbs

Especially in tweets including links, use more verbs than nouns. You need to encourage your audience to engage with the links you post, and the way to do this is through active text that inspires action.

10. Place your Link 25-50% into Your Tweet

Don’t start your tweet with a link – you need to give your audience a quick blurb about the content of your link and what you would like them to do with it.