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2018 Playbook Series:

For customer-obsessed leaders, influence is not just a touchpoint on the path-to-purchase – it is the path to purchase. In this playbook, we share how the power of an influence-augmented customer journey map can unlock the spectrum of influence across your customer experience.


What's Next in Influencer Marketing:

2018 is the year marketers will bridge the trust gap between brands and consumers. Within this white paper, we preview how Marketing & Communications leaders can enhance their strategies in 2018 by adopting an integrated influencer marketing mix, and embedding additional, integrated dimensions of influence into select CX touchpoints


IGC Benchmark Report:

With more marketers adoption Influencer Marketing & Relations as an always-on strategy, Influencer Share of Voice has emerged as a critical indicator of market share and competitive advantage. Each week, we do a category deep dive to determine the brand leaders and laggards in the last year.

Influencer Marketing & Relations Trends in 2018: Integrating Multiple Dimensions of Influence into the Customer Experience (CX)
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