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Mavrck is the micro-influencer marketing platform for driving conversions on social networks.

Discover Your Influential Customers

Discover micro-influencers within your existing base of customers across mobile, e-commerce or social!

Activate Influencers to Create Content

Activate target audiences of influencers to create branded content that converts better than social ads!

Convert Friends of Influencers

Convert friends of influencers at scale with branded content in the news feed that is authentic and trusted!

Discover Influential Customers

Through Mavrck, your brand will have the ability to discover influencers within your existing customer base and:

  • Build and save target influencer audiences based on demographics, locations, relevant keywords, life events and influence level.
  • View a detailed list of your most influential customers across social channels.
  • Avoid one-size fits all and treat different influencer audiences dynamically with unique content and experiences.

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Activate Target Influencers

Activate target audiences of influencers in your community to create and distribute branded content at scale! Use Mavrck to:

  • Leverage influential consumers to distribute branded content and form the spearhead of any campaign.
  • Acquire more email leads, sign-ups, coupon downloads, app installs or purchases than ads.
  • View results in real-time and optimize creative and audience parameters on the fly.

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Convert Friends of Influencers

Convert friends of influencers across multiple social networks with authentic content that performs better than ads! With Mavrck, you can:

  • Amplify existing content, distribute influencer generated content or seed branded content.
  • Distribute content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Ensure your content appears at the top of the news feed and is not throttled.

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"The program helped Yasso build significant awareness through the key summer months. Mavrck gives the perfect mix of incentive-based programming and key influencer messaging, providing a positive consumer experience"

− Mike Watts, Director Of Marketing at Yasso Frozen Yogurt

"Working with Mavrck was a smart decision for our client, who was in need of not only growing its Facebook base, but also engaging with fans in a meaningful way. The Mavrck team went above and beyond for us to over deliver."

− Shawna Hassett, Account Executive at Duffy&Shanley

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