tumblr_m6jokv1esk1qitrdto1_500Early this week I was doing my routine news browsing when I found an article titled, Apple’s Screen Size Problem Is Worse Than You Thought. I have an iPhone 5 but most of my co-workers have other smartphones with larger screens. So, naturally we’ve gotten into heated debates about which is better: a smaller screen or larger screen. I was curious what the article’s argument would be.

It turns out, in order to stay competitive, Apple needs a larger screen option. Mobile browsing on phones with screens four inches or smaller declined by 11% over the last year. Some of this is said to be because more people are turning to Wi-Fi as unlimited data plans are slowly disappearing, leading them to activities like HD video streaming. Larger screens also make it easier to enjoy websites like Tumblr that are more image centric.

(So, I guess my small screen really isn’t as trendy as some of my co-workers’. Oh well, Apple just released the iPhone 6 so I can be chic when I need an upgrade.)

The second half of the article, focuses closely on Tumblr, the often-overlooked social network and its potential as a marketing tool especially on mobile.


Tumblr Facts

  • Tumblr, owned by Yahoo, is a smaller social network made up of snackable content like quotes, questions, videos, and photos  -Tweet this 
  • Tumblr is the fifth most visited site throughout the U.S.  -Tweet this 
  • Only 31 of the Top 100 Brands Use Tumblr  -Tweet this
  • According to Adobe’s 2014 Mobile Benchmark report, Tumblr’s mobile users outspend those on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest  -Tweet this 
  • Tumblr drives the highest spend per click-through on tablets  -Tweet this 
  • Tumblr for mobile outpaces all other social networks in revenue per visit and is actually beating the social network Pinterest by over three times  -Tweet this
  • Tumblr users have a higher income than users on other social networks  -Tweet this
  •  More total time is spent on Tumblr than on bigger social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest  -Tweet this 
  • 120,000 new Tumblr blogs are created every day, totaling 86 million that drive 18 billion page views per month  -Tweet this

For even more stats, click here.


Go on…

Some view this social network as a place for misfits and hipsters but in reality, it’s a vibrant community made up of media-savvy, passionate, and creative users mostly between the ages of 16 and 24. For brands, Tumblr provides a great opportunity to reach an millennial audience they might otherwise not reach.

According to Jason Keath, brands with access to these more “snackable” types of media are the brands that have embraced Tumblr the most like fashion brands, larger websites, and publishing and broadcast media.

However, there are also plenty of brands that don’t fit into these categories that have an impressive presence on Tumblr like Yahoo Finance, General Electric, and Pom Wonderful. (For more surprising brands on Tumblr, click here.)

Tumblr is filled with creative visuals and content, giving brands the opportunity to showcase products in a new way. Check out these 26 ways you can market your business on Tumblr.


But, Seriously!

Tumblr is a powerful social network that marketers often overlook. Because of its creative visual nature, it can be a little more difficult to produce content than it is for other social networks. However, it gives brands the opportunity to create captivatingaward-winning content (as opposed to quickly creating a 140 character tweet).

Tumblr has valuable users who are incredibly engaged. (With the average visit 14 minutes, much longer than Facebook and Twitter!)

The social network is continuing to grow. (In the past year Tumblr’s seen a 55% total engagement growth and 251% growth on mobile.)

So, express your brand and connect with the Tumblr community to capture the attention of involved users looking to consume.


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