Macro-Influencer Workflow Automation

Dynamically Measure Conversion Events

Validate Views, Impressions & Conversion Events

Add tracking pixels to an influencer’s blog post and brand landing pages to automatically measure and validate the number of views, impressions, and conversion events (eg. app downloads, purchases) when shared across networks.

Action Attribution

Include unique, trackable links and CTAs in blog content and social posts (ie Instagram Stories, Pinterest Pins) to measure actions and conversion events (ie. clicks, downloads, purchases) driven as a result of that influencer and that content.

Rapid, Collaborative Influencer Curation

Do more than protect your brand against influencer fraud – collaborate with the influencers you want, faster. Source, vet, curate and track influencer applicants in a single view – no spreadsheets necessary.

Review and tab through influencers quickly, or dive deep into their profile, style, analytics, recent social collaborations, and past performance with Mavrck brand programs.


Get feedback and add comments from multiple stakeholders on influencers profiles.


Upvote, downvote, accept, reject influencer applicants all from a single view.


Add accepted influencers directly to lists and campaigns for activation.

Automated Campaign Tracking & Adaptive Incentive Management

Universal Influencer Campaign Tracking

Automatically locate influencer-generated posts and shares of those posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter that used a specific campaign hashtag. All content generated as a part of your campaign will be displayed on the influencer’s ‘Content’ tab. Manual tracking support available for influencers to share Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and Snapchat analytics.

One-to-One Payments & Incentives at Scale

Set up activity or performance-based incentives and rewards that are unique to an influencer, including monetary compensation, product, points, exclusive experiences, contests, and sweepstakes. If an influencer shared a quote as part of their application, it is automatically added to their profile.

Explore the future of influencer collaboration & measurement