Optimize future campaigns by easily comparing campaign performance metrics and gathering actionable insights, all in one report.

As a brand marketer, the best way to prove ROI and optimize a campaign is to focus on performance metrics. Mavrck’s newest platform feature allows Marketers to easily compare performance metrics by campaign to help gather actionable insights to optimize future campaigns. Instead of having to aggregate data from multiple places inside the platform, marketers can view this data in a singular place within the ‘Reports’ tab.

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Marketers can dig deeper into specific metrics with the supplementary campaign details report. Mavrck’s program performance reporting allows customers to sort and filter performance data across key metrics. Performance data can be summarized with both totals, averages, and additional data metrics. This feature provides additional visibility into campaign ROI across a variety of data options. 

Marketers can showcase influencer marketing performance by comparing:

  • Costs
  • Participants
  • Content Metrics
  • Cash Costs
  • Product Costs
  • Number of Influencers Invited
  • Engagement Rate (Instagram Only)
  • Engagement Rate (Instagram Posts Only)
  • Engagement Rate (Instagram Stories Only)
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Number of Reviews


Users can quickly view totals/averages and easily distinguish between past versus live campaigns. This feature allows marketers to compare a custom set of campaigns with the multi-select campaigns dropdown menu. For example, it’s now easy to compare Valentine’s Day specific campaigns year-over-year.

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This feature is an addition to our existing reports section that allows users to view performance data over time across all campaigns or individual reporting groups. This pairing is the perfect place to both evaluate the overall performance of your influencer marketing program and easily dive deeper with additional details.

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