With Dos Equis retiring their famous spokesperson Jonathan Goldsmith in a historic (and galactic) send-off, the position for “Most Interesting Man in the World” (#MIMITW) is officially up for grabs. Who will be the next individual to take up the mantle? We have a few suggestions for Dos Equis as the brand considers the candidate field, keeping in mind one key factor: there’s nothing more interesting than influence (you are selling beer, after all). Below, we offer up five potential applicants for the ‘Most Interesting Man’ role, based upon the influence that they possess and the engagement they drive:

Matthew McConaughey


With his Texas twang, range of product endorsements, and newfound reputation as an “unpinnable actor”, Matthew McConaughey would be an easy transition for most fans as The Most Interesting Man In the World. McConaughey’s star power began to climb during the fan-coined “McConaissance,” the two year period from 2013-2015 that marked his acting shift from romantic comedies to serious, varied roles in oscar-contending films and oft-quoted ads. McConaughey’s Facebook fan engagement isn’t too bad either, with an Average Influencer Index of 29.34 and a fan count of 4.9 million.

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler


Perhaps it’s time a lady take the lead. What could be better than Dos Equis’ next Most Interesting Woman? A power female duo becoming Dos Equis’ Most Interesting People, of course. And who better than Tina and Amy? As the ultimate comedic dream team, Poehler and Fey have gone from successful actresses to feminist icons through their consistent voices and careful branding decisions. Despite working in movies together, writing books together, endorsing brands together, and hosting the Oscars together, their cumulative influence is entirely unknown. Neither Poehler nor Fey have personal accounts on any main social media channel, which begs the question: what’s more interesting than an air of mystery?

Flo, the Progressive Lady


With over 100 commercials under her belt, comedian Stephanie Courtney has turned into a cult icon through her portrayal of Flo the Progressive Lady. As the upbeat, ever-smiling symbol of Progressive Insurance, Flo is one of the most well known brand spokespeople of our time, generating hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube– for insurance commercials, no less (impressive for any brand, believe it or not).  Although Flo’s success is concentrated in one area, she could be a stellar candidate for Dos Equis to consider as Most Interesting Person, since her character has yielded such worldwide appeal that she was named one of the top ten female ad icons of all time.

Richard Branson


If the race to become Dos Equis’ next representative were truly just a matter of being the most interesting person on the planet, Richard Branson would have the role on lock. Not only is Branson a self-made entrepreneur whose personal empire spans multiple industries and has an estimated value of over 5 billion dollars, but he is also an internationally recognized humanitarian, a world record holder, and a galactic pioneer. Did we mention he’s been knighted? With an Average Influencer Index of 10.4 and a fan count of 2.5 million, Branson drives engagement with his fans by highlighting his business endeavors, personal travels, and charitable causes.

President Obama



As the current leader of the free world, it could be a natural succession for President Obama to pick up the Dos Equis mantle once he sets down the Presidential one. President Obama is widely considered to be a “Millennial” president, for his international popularity, and his ability to connect and resonate with a younger generation, meeting them on their turf with an active social media presence and appearances on talk shows. Although his Facebook page may not be the most secular analysis of Obama’s influence, it provides insight into his ability to drive social media buzz, an extremely important quality in the future Most Interesting Man in the World: per the last 31 posts on his page, the President has driven 866 comments from micro-influencers, who in turn drove over 10k engagements from their friends.



Why not YOU? The Most Interesting Person in the World may not have many friends, but the ones they do have are equally interesting and influential. We’re in the age of consumer power- brands and ads cater to their customers, evolving their marketing strategy to engage them most effectively. Dos Equis’ micro-influencers are largely to thank for the success of this ad campaign in the first place: turning our ordinary, daily feats into examples of the extraordinary. For example, the top 100 micro-influencers for Dos Equis drove 38 engagements each on average with friends around the brand in the last 30 days. As the most influential customer in a brand’s base, a micro-influencer is – for the brand, at least – the most interesting person in the world. Stay thirsty, my friends.

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