We’re excited to announce our latest feature, Influence Plugin, an automated solution for identifying, activating and retaining unique influencer segments in the moment of interaction with a brand’s digital and mobile touchpoints. Unlike other influencer marketing databases, platforms and agencies that require significant manual effort to source influencers from closed and static networks, Influence Plugin empowers brands to automate and personalize the influencer discovery and activation experience across their customer journey, from consideration to purchase.


Key benefits of Influence Plugin include:

  • Always-on Discovery: Influence Plugin’s always-on influencer identification solution engages consumers in the moment of interaction with a brand, whether it be via web or mobile experience. By adding an influence layer to their existing customer experience, brands can also reduce dependencies on sourcing influencers from static or closed influencer or customer databases.
  • Personalized Recruitment and Activation: Brands can use Influence Plugin to deliver a personalized experience based on a consumer’s social influence. Once identified, Influence Plugin allows for dynamic influencer activation, offering personalized incentives for social sharing based on influence level, demographics, and psychographics.
  • Effective Influencer Retention: Influence Plugin’s always-on retention solution is readily available for existing members of a brand’s influencer program, providing elevated, exclusive experiences for influencers to build ongoing relationships and incremental value.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Referral, Loyalty and E-commerce Platforms: Influence Plugin’s integrations enable brands to build ongoing relationships with their influencer networks, and use their existing marketing solutions to measure end-to-end impact of the influencers who are driving conversions.

Influence Plugin also enables real-time influence measurement of consumers who interact with a brand’s digital assets, and personalized incentivization for social sharing based on influence. The plugin is powered by Mavrck’s patented algorithm, which determines a consumers’ Influence Percentile in the moment of authentication, based on their historical and predictive ability to generate a desired action from their followers when creating content on behalf of a brand. Influencers are then compared globally to all consumers authenticated by the Mavrck platform and given a percentile (0-100) ranking used to filter and identify influencer segments for activation.

To learn more about Mavrck Influence Plugin, visit https://prod.lylestone.co/influence-plugin.