#BrandMadness Championship Voting Ends In

Mavrck presents the 3rd annual CPG Brand Madness Tournament, where instead of colleges battling with their top athletes, Mavrck will pin 64 national consumer brands against each other to see who’s consumers drive the most action on social media. Will Dollar Shave Club cut through Gillette the powerhouse?  Will Kashi’s fans upset Pop Tart’s?  Will Chips Ahoy shock the world and knock Oreo out in the first round?  Only time, and engagement, will tell.  It’s going to be an exciting March, so get ready for the madness that leads up to the Big Dance.




How does it work? Our CPG Brand Madness Tournament includes three different ways to score for your favorite brand. We start by scoring each brand’s Facebook posts from the last 30 days, awarding points each round based on fan count, share of voice, engagements per post and Influencer Index. From there, it’s up to you. As the brand’s most active consumer advocates, you have the ability to earn points for your team as far as your influence allows. With the power of content and social media, you have the power to score for your favorite brand to reach the top.

 Download Your Brand Bracket



How to Score

Layup (2 Points) = Vote!

We’re putting the top brands head to head! Vote for your favorite brand for 2 points.

3 Pointer (3 Points) = Share your vote on social (+1 for each engagement)

Feeling influential? Share your brand picks on Facebook or Twitter to score a 3 pointer!

 Slam Dunk (5 Points) = Share a Photo of Your Pick (+1 for each engagement)

Want to put the team on your back? Show your brand love by posting a photo of your favorite product!

Stay Up-to-Date: Round 1 ends midnight on Sunday, March 19th! 

Which CPG brand will reign supreme? Follow @MavrckCo on Twitter to stay updated with who’s beating who! We’ll will be announcing winners of each round and new match-ups once the results are in.