Why Brands Shouldn’t Skip Out On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is having a moment. Between enhanced upgrades that have made content creation more accessible than ever and a second accelerator program that hones new talent, creators are flocking to this career-focused social networking site. 

Why the change? LinkedIn knows that in a world where entertaining content on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more is drawing plenty of attention, it has to up its game to compete – even if the career niche doesn’t completely align with other social networking sites. 

Still, it’s in the process of transforming perception. Instead of simply a professional networking site, LinkedIn wants to be seen as a destination for creators – and their content. It’s doing this by focusing on a few key areas: 

  • Forming dedicated teams that serve creators and new programs
  • Launching new tools and features for creators
  • Producing creator-focused marketing content and editorial features
  • Developing better user experience and expanding support for diversity, equity, and inclusion 

These focus areas are helping brands and creators alike capitalize on LinkedIn. Aside from these efforts, there are several important reasons why brands will benefit from working with creators on LinkedIn. Let’s break it down. 


1. LinkedIn Is Prioritizing Creators

LinkedIn is about to launch its second Creator Accelerator Program after a wildly successful first run. While incorporating insights from round one, the upcoming six-week program is noted to cater to creators in the tech and innovation space. 

In addition to coaching and mentorship opportunities, creators in the second LinkedIn accelerator program will receive a $12,000 grant to advance their businesses. Plus, they’ll have early access to various new tools before they become available to ordinary consumers — such as audio events, podcast network advancements, LinkedIn Live, and newsletter upgrades. 

All of these prioritizations don’t even touch on Creator Mode, which empowers users to display their content front and center. It’s part of the $25 million investment made in 2021 to put content creators at the forefront of the platform, as part of a larger strategic move that prioritizes new content. 

For creators who are looking to up their game, LinkedIn has shared how much it wants these partnerships. Brands can capitalize on these ongoing developments by working with creators in the accelerator programs or collaborating with existing partners who are active on LinkedIn. 


2. LinkedIn Listens To and Incorporates Feedback

After a successful first creator accelerator program, LinkedIn learned that the number one thing that creators consistently want is community. Therefore, its second accelerator program has been developed with the creator community as the main point of focus.

The second accelerator program also hones in on technology and innovation. Why? Because LinkedIn has learned that there is already a major focus on creators who work in those fields. 

Additionally, when creators raise concerns about functionality, LinkedIn makes a point to address them. Case in point – the recent native carousel upgrade, which makes it easier to post and customize carousel content, was a solution to a previously clunky posting infrastructure. 

Plus, LinkedIn keeps a close eye on trends. Are you interested in social audio? There’s a podcast network for that. Does your audience want newsletters? There are newsletter subscription options. Does your brand want a better business manager feature? There’s one in public beta now. 


3. LinkedIn’s Growth Is Trending Upwards

Efforts are paying off in a consistent pattern. LinkedIn’s leadership team and parent company, Microsoft, have reported continuous quarterly growth, claiming that LinkedIn is seeing 28% more posts and comments than last quarter.

Also, year-over-year growth isn’t looking too shabby. LinkedIn’s Q2 reporting noted a 37% increase in revenue this year

If your brand is interested in testing influencer marketing campaigns on LinkedIn, ask creators you already work with and who you know have an active LinkedIn presence to post sponsored content on the platform as an added deliverable. This way, you’ll be able to get an extra type of collaboration on the books with a trusted creator partner while testing the waters on LinkedIn without having to go all-in right away.


4. LinkedIn Is Still A Blank Canvas

According to a recent Mavrck creator survey, 34.3% of respondents have not yet collaborated with a brand on LinkedIn, but would be interested in doing so. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for brands to capitalize on a relatively untouched digital landscape. 

Remember, branded content is still limited on LinkedIn. That means that right now, it’s relatively noise free – and brands can reach consumers through creators with minimal competition. For brands that have struggled to break through a comparatively noisier environment on other social platforms, this is an ideal environment to start fresh. 


5. LinkedIn Meets An Evolving Niche

The beauty of LinkedIn is that professional networking and career aptitude are always relevant, even as the notion of work evolves. The social aspect of one’s career will likely have a place on the Internet, so long as there’s content to support it. 

Using LinkedIn to get an inside look at your industry by enlisting creator partners is a great way to help your audience grow and learn. Plus, using LinkedIn as a supplement to your marketing mix is a strategic move that helps broaden your influencer marketing campaigns overall as another avenue to repurpose content and engage with an interested audience. When achieving strong ROI is the name of the game, brands should consider investing in LinkedIn. 


Let’s Do This

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